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GameDay Thread: TCU vs Oklahoma

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by NathanRoman, Oct 24, 2020.

  1. He sounded beat. Although, when pointing out that players need to hate losing more than they like winning, he said they are almost there. Although he has said that the past several years.
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    Where to start.

    This is the best we get after 2 weeks off? What on earth are these coaches teaching these kids in practice? How does the OL Coach still have a job? This might be the worst looking OL I have seen take the field. All these offensive gurus on staff and this is what we get? Can no one figure out how to coach offensive players and call plays better than that?? Good lord what a train wreck.

    And Patterson - let's punt on 4th and 1 down 24 points in the 4th quarter - what the heck? At least try to show you have some faith in your team. What kind of message do you think that sends? I don't care where on the field they were. This is beyond depressing.

    I think this program needs a complete overhaul - top to bottom. It would appear the game is passing by Patterson - especially if he can't recognize the weakness of some of the position coaches that are holding this team back. There is no killer instinct on this staff. So vanilla, so pedestrian.

    I can only imagine how low morale must be in that locker room right about now.
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  3. Zero humility. I mean zero.
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  4. he did that against K-State in Ft. Worth maybe in about 2014. Got booed by fans. Deserved it. Football is war. You do not throw in the towel.
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  5. Instead of firing a friend who is not a good coach, he hired another.
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  6. It appears CGP has lost the team. Maybe we beat UT because the guys were actually fired up to play them. I don’t know, but they don’t seem to care or have any motivation for the others. Maybe playing Baylor will help motivate them.
  7. That's the only TCU game I've ever left early and that was the exact moment when I left.
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  8. 2 weeks to prepare and the result is the [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] show we saw today.
    Now we know how Biden's debate prep team felt.
  9. Welp, that was lame. Is 2021 the year of new beginnings..?
  10. I knew you!
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  11. Tom Herman and his staff will soon be available. People are saying.
  12. Three offensive coordinators = no offensive coordinator! Too many chiefs pick one and let them run it!
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  13. I've started thinking the same thing. I remember 2 weeks ago thinking about the game passing him by. GP is so set in his ways I don't see him changing. That guy is as set in his ways as that statue of him out front of the stadium. Maybe its time....
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  14. I would love to be a fly on the wall, when/if Patterson tried to hold Cumbie, Meach, and Kill accountable for the offensive performance?

    Right now, we will be stuck with all three, because they have the best excuse to suck ever made. Jarrett Anderson. How can any coach do anything with this offense with a line as bad as he has made it?
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  15. we often read on here about all the things that make watching the game at home better than being in attendence, but after today i did find three things that would have made being at the game close to being at home

    1) non stop political ads....can't wait until this election is over

    2) joe tessitore, joe for the love of god shut the scheiss up. did not you learn a thing when you got fired from the mnf job.

    3) non stop big 10 talk, do you know how hard it is to make hearing the same commercial over and over about what some politician did 10 years ago better than why it is good to have the big 10 back
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  16. Meanwhile Trump’s prep team was like our DBs: tripping over themselves while already falling too far behind.
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  17. It doesn't matter who the OC is as long as the QB is running for his life 24/7.
  18. What about the percussion section apparently being in the broadcast booth?
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  19. that was the echo in tessitore's head

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