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GameDay Thread: TCU vs Oklahoma

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by NathanRoman, Oct 24, 2020.

  1. Having Max in the game is 100% scheissing stupidity.
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  2. Same story, different week. WHy punt on 4th and 1 down 24 points in the 4th? NO balls
  3. And of course we get another penalty.
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  4. Inelligble player down field so its coming back
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  5. We need an offense that goes down field. Quit thowing behind the line of scrimmage.
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  6. 1st and 15

    Duggan completes it to Evans for the first. Probably should have been holding
  7. That was a great pass. Really.
  8. I hope Max transfers. He deserves better.
  9. 1st and 10

    Deep ball to Johnston is dropped
  10. We have to or we’ll get illegal receiver downfield penalties.
  11. We're just getting in some needed practice time for the 1st teamers...

    Gonna need that experience if we expect to have a chance against Kansas!
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  12. Par for the course
  13. Whoever made the point of GP building a program and then tearing it down is spot on. The octogenarians will point out this isn’t losing, losing is what we did in the dark days of TCU football. Well, sure as sh@t feels like a loser program to me. Sadly this is only the beginning of the losing as the talent pipeline is about to dry up and Frogs will oh god have to rely of the schematic advantages the coaching staff can provide. The suck is strong with this island of misfit toys TCU calls players and coaches.
  14. 2nd and 10

    Quick pass to Davis picks up 6
  15. It is time to clean house. This is the best we can do following a bye week. Pathetic. We continue to regress as a program. Sure, it has been fun beating Texas the last few years, but it’s about winning championships and we are not even close to doing that again. The product being put on the field is unacceptable. We can find a new coach that can build on what have and we need to start thinking about the future of TCU football.
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  16. I love the air raid siren on 3rd down. It reminds to watch how we are about to give up another first down.
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  17. If we score twice with one 2 pt conversion we can make it a one score game!
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  18. 3rd and 4

    Evans takes it up the middle for a decent gain and a first

    1st and 10

    Quick screen gets 5
  19. 2nd and 5

    Duggan pulls it down and takes off for a big play to the 11

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