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Gameday Thread: TCU at Texas

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Oct 3, 2020.

  1. LOL Fox announcers just said Texas IS NOT BACK
  2. Duh for everyone except Okie Lite. Remember that debacle against Middle Southeast Michigan State Technical Institute a few years ago
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    Do you have any pictures of this Valhalla?
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  4. Don’t say that. These officials may still be looking at the replay. Craziest officiated game ever!
  5. Duggan makes the future feel more promising. Same with our wr's, but man, special teams and play calling are super questionable and we give up big plays like it's easy.
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  6. By all accounts UT required a miracle to beat Tech. Just a feeling but that dog assed team Texas might not be #9 in the country.
  7. OL says hold my beer.
  8. I really didn’t see how much he extended the ball until these replays. Wow
  9. I think the issue is there are not 25 teams that deserve to be ranked currently playing football
  10. So what looked like a top-10 red river matchup Might actually have two low teen teams playing. TV will make sure they are ranked for viewership.
  11. upload_2020-10-3_15-14-4.gif
  12. Not even close, but they’ve been overrated for years now.
  13. Hit the Horn and let’s go home!!
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  14. Somebody has to be the smartest kid in summer school.
  15. You aren't wrong. Basically there are still many issues but at least the qb position seems to be squared away baring injuries. But in college football, a good QB can cover up some of the other innfencies.
  16. Surlyhorns handling the loss with grace and reserve.
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  17. Max is one of those guys that elevates everyone around him.,

    Well, except for the OL.
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  18. Well, not as of 3 p.m. today....
  19. It’s a different game when you have a QB..
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