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Gameday Thread: TCU at Texas

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Oct 3, 2020.

  1. Game Over we win holy shiiiiiiitttttte! If we played a game before Iowa state we might be 2 and 0.
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  2. No. Would repeat 4th down.

    Sorry...if they declined it
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  3. Think we got away with yet another, since Max stepped out with one second on the clock
  4. We just beat the #9 team in the country, but I don’t feel at all good about the direction of the program.
  5. This scheissing referee crew is a joke
  6. End on flag #27!
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  7. Max MF Duggan! Any complaints now peeps that think he sucks?
  8. Weird, but a win over wHorn is always welcome

    Max is a bonafide stud
  9. Fire Anderson.
  10. Beating UT is never the worst ever.
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  11. We suck but still own Texas! Take that Herman!
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  12. Glad to have a win. Have a good day everyone!
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  13. I thought he would ran back for a couple seconds and then just heave it to the sidelines.
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  14. Suspect officiating all game
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  15. that safety covered my over! GP makes up for not kicking the XP last week.
  16. Max for Heisman campaign to start now!!!
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  17. That ain’t the 9th team in the Central time zone
  18. Anyone been to Surlywhorns? Meltdown.

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