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Game Thread: TCU vs #17 ISU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by netty2424, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. So over ABob. Never been a big fan, but he's just being an idiot now.
  2. Finally an announcer mentions that ARob is a turnover machine.
  3. ISU doing us a favor
  4. We are good at blowing leads
  5. Never seen someone blame others for his bad passes as much as he does
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  6. Horrible end to the half, Noi’s 3 notwithstanding.
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  7. Think how far ahead TCU would be without bonehead decisions and poor shot selection.
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  8. In fairness the other guys were to blame in the inbounds. He had to throw it somewhere.
  9. Can say the same about ISU imo. They’ve played pretty sloppy as well
  10. Yep. A lot of standing around looking at someone else to make a move.
  11. Frogs up 36-29 at half
  12. Miller should have to run 5 a.m. bleachers for each missed three pointer and double if the side of the backboard blocks his shot.
  13. So far Frogs have 11 3-point attempts and 21 attempts inside the arc. Probably a stronger ratio than that OSU game
  14. I will throw the coaching staff in there as well if we are distributing blame. They have failed to draw up an inbounds play for almost three seasons now.
  15. One would think that just by pure chance both Noi and Bane would get hot at the same time in some game, but don't think that has ever happened.
  16. Inbounds plays don’t count with our team because very few screens are ever set to try and get someone open. But even then he threw it to Banes feet which isn’t a great place. Try and pass fake and throw it off the defender in front of nobody is open. I also think he is passive on inbounding. Guys are open for a split second but he’s late in seeing them imo
  17. They do that every bounds play. The best play they run is throw it to the back court
  18. Robinson is a great player but needs to improve his play with a lead. He can initiate an opponent’s rally with bad passes and pushing /driving rather than slowing down, running offense, running clock. Still a great talent.
  19. I'm still amazed TCU didn't score on that fastbreak.

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