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***Game thread: Frogs at OU***

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by PurplFrawg, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. That was ugly.
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  2. Brutal 6 point swing. Miller air ball followed by Young deep 3. Gotta get on him out on the perimeter.
  3. 47-46. We have the ball in transition and Miller air balls a 3. Basketball IQ
  4. Solid defensive game so far
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  5. Solid first half on the road...go Frogs ramp it up in the second half.....
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  6. Damnit JD
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  7. What worse is we could have guaranteed the last shot by just waiting to take the ball OOB. The clock was running and we rushed to inbounds with 37 seconds left.
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  8. Problem is if you cover him at 30 feet he will blow past you for a 22 footer.
  9. Is our defensive strategy is we hope they miss layups?

    Still, really like hard we are playing after another slow start. Our guys are fighting like hell. Gotta get some turnovers in the second half.
  10. OU is shooting 36% from inside the arc and 56% from outside it. Seems like that may be a good strategy.
  11. We can’t let them have those offensive rebounds. They have 9 so far. Far too many possessions
  12. Yet we're only down 2.
  13. Rayford Young is much more senisble than Baker Mayfield's dad.
  14. We do know that there is a thing called a two-point shot?
  15. Robinson is often great but his turnovers are so frustrating.
  16. Please take JD out.
  17. How was the Foul on Williams not a shooting foul?
  18. why was the throat slash not a technical?
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  19. Because it wasn’t a religious sign
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  20. How was that block on the breakaway not a foul? He got his hand no the ball.

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