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Game of inches, we aren’t that far away

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Nov 10, 2019 at 10:40 AM.

  1. Go look at our one score losses compared to Baylor’s one score wins.

    a few breaks here and there and the narrative is completely flipped.

    with that said, I think losing close games points to poor coaching/game management. We were close to competing for the big xii championship, but we got out coached too many times.

    GP is right, this team can compete with anyone, but right now we don’t have the coaching staff to compete. I would start with the OC and a couple of other coaches who have outlived their usefulness.
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  2. You are what your record says you are.
  3. A new OC will be able to select his own staff or it’s just window dressing.
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  4. I agree. We aren’t that far away as long as the right changes are made.
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  5. Terrific analysis.
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  6. Assessing the overall "talent level" of an entire team is certainly highly subjective and to a certain degree a fool's errand anyway because a talented team doesn't always equal a good team. BUT, I think that pretty much anyone who watched our games against SMU, KSU, and Baylor could reasonably say that those are games that SHOULD have been won by TCU with the team we put out there as compared to the opponent. You could also pretty easily say that we're even or at least very close to ISU and OSU. Yet we lost all of those games.

    You're certainly never going to win every game against a similarly talented opponent even if you're slightly better but imo we've been in 6 such games this year and have a 1-5 record. All of that seems to support the notion that we are close. I wish I could write this off as simply bad luck but since this is the 3rd season in the last 4 that we've found ourselves in this spot then either we're the unluckiest sports team in the history of sports or some realities need to be faced and addressed.
  7. This feels a lot like the 2013 where we went 4-8. We couldn’t win a close game and everyone thought we were terrible. Then the next year we killed teams. Hoping for the same next year.
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  8. And what happened that offseason? Needs to happen again.
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  9. Terrific analysis. What fresh and exciting and well thought out opinions that this board has never seen. For you to come to the conclusion that we have been “close” in 6 games, then to determine that we have a record of 1 and 5 in these “close” games....that’s next level thinking right there. Post more.
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  10. Seems like I said slightly more than that but hey, you're right. I should've stuck with some trite football saying that's been around for decades to describe the team. That would've been MUCH better.
  11. I agree.
  12. [ What the heck? ] dude?
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  13. Look guys, it is what it is.

    You can't win them all.

    It's always got to be about the NEXT PLAY.

    Focus on what you can control and nothing more.

    Guys just have to do their 1/11 for 60 minutes and we'll be where we want to be.

    Gotta find a way to limit the mistakes.

    More teams lose games than win them.

    This game is 90% mental.

    Need someone to step up and make a play.
  14. I'm just joking with you @TheFDN

    No hard feelings. I know I started it.
  15. TCU was probably the best team in the country in 2014. Unfortunately, we haven’t built on that success and look like we’re headed back to the bad old days
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  16. We’re LIGHT YEARS away from the bad old days.
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  17. Far away from what?...Winning?...Guess what we are 3 games away from the end of the season before we have to figure it all out again...Being close is irrelevant. The season is virtually over. You can’t spend 8-9 games a year to get your sea legs..Good programs come out of the gate having figured it out
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  18. That's great, but what is the other half?
  19. GP definitely has this part down because he has become very mental over the last few years...
  20. Wow! The jerkiness continues.

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