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FWST: TCU takes its football rivalry with Baylor to the scoreboard, literally

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. The fact that he has a column titled “Big Mac Bites” might be the most appropriate thing I have ever seen - because he sure does “bite” in the 80’s vernacular meaning suck...
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  2. Our scoreboard is basically only a foot taller & a foot longer. We really know how to step it up...
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  3. I will never understand why we keep posting his articles here. I have to guess someone is being paid or blackmailed to do this because I don't know any TCU fans that want his articles posted here.
  4. It’s a foot taller and longer than Baylor’s

    I think it’s quite a bit larger than our previous scoreboard
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  5. question, has tcu made any comments about referencing the new scoreboard/video board with the board in baylor's stadium?

    i really could care less, but curious as to where he got the idea for the article

  6. Cracks me up that they hang their hat on that win in a game in October. Haven’t won a game against us since
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  7. Muck has a deep infatuation with Baylor for some reason. He is all out nostalgic about the old SWC and old Big 12, so maybe that is why.
  8. Mac show us on this doll where TCU touched you.
  9. He also seems to believe that Briles is a saint
  10. Predictable. Lock clockwork.
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  11. Had to show that to a female grad from that school just this past Friday. She got quiet after that. Bless her heart.
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  12. So, you’re saying it’s a good size?

  13. Think this is GP way of telling Mac to off
  14. I still think Bob Simpson has Muck's ear.
  15. Baylor can’t afford to let TCU continue to out pace them in Football or facilities. They are well aware that a perceived upper hand by us would bury them in recruiting not to mention the inevitable re-alignment talks. They have to make up marketing and media ploys just to try and grasp at any narrative possible. Muck is a foot soldier for that agenda. TCU is just a better school and program and it’s not even close.
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  16. God he's the worst. I read it and it's not as bad as I thought. But it's also so stupid.
  17. It think it's more Muck and him wanting TCU to be what TCU was in the SWC where Longhorns were number 1 and TCU was so bad it was left behind. He doesn't hide and many of the old guards of the DFWmedia their nostalgia about how it was in the 90s.

    Muck won't mention the millions and millions being spent by TCU competitors to up TCU. If you want championships you have to reach for those goals. Baylor is spending 105 million for a new basketball facility to up TCU's and everyone else in the Big 12's arena. I think Baylor is trying to raise 1.1 billion for the basketball facility and a field house, new football operations center and a venue for the volleyball and acrobatics and tumbling teams to practice in.

    Screw Muck Engle just trying to bring bad press to TCU.
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  18. He really wants KU to be what they were in the mid 2000’s Big 12 too. Don’t think he wrote an article about Pooka though. He damn sure would if it was his employer TCU though
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  19. Muck is very much like a bad talk show host: say something that pisses off your audience so the phone lines light up. That's not so smart when your paper's subscriber base is made up of fans of his favorite punching bag...

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