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FWST: TCU lost one-third of its athletic revenue amid pandemic. Will it return in 2021?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jan 15, 2021.

  1. TCU lost one-third of its athletic revenue amid pandemic. Will it return in 2021?


    Colleges across the country cut athletic programs and endured layoffs amid the coronavirus pandemic. Revenues those schools rely on dried up with seasons being canceled or attendance being limited.

    TCU’s athletic department has managed to avoid layoffs and cutting sports, something that AD Jeremiah Donati praised as one of the biggest accomplishments during the pandemic.

    “The fact that we were able to keep everyone’s jobs is almost unheard of,” Donati said. “Chancellor [Victor] Boschini has led the charge to do that and we are extremely grateful to be able to build off of this year and continue our momentum with our department intact. This place is about people. We’ve got outstanding people here and we wanted to protect their jobs.”

    Read more at https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article248481180.html
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  2. That is a lot of money to lose. Kudos to Boschini and Donati for keeping everyone employed. Let's hope we can get back close to normal next year.
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  3. The combination of a virus-free environment coupled with a competitive product on the field....

    will generate appropriate fan support.
  4. There’s never been a virus-free environment and never will be.

  5. Obviously, the reference pertains to the current COVID-19 virus.
  6. Maybe Patterson and Dixion should be docked some salary for every loss.

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  7. I can assure you without reservation that the environment will not be COVID-19 free in 2021. I get what you are trying to convey and I hope revenue increases.
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  8. science hater!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  9. Do this and they'll be gone before you can finish your next dumb suggestions.
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  10. upload_2021-1-15_11-7-24.jpeg
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  11. Lol @ you calling anyone’s suggestions dumb.
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  12. Don't you have a rally to be in at the Capitol? Don't forget the neckbeard and red hat.
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  13. You two are so cute together.
  14. ironic when you consider the eastside suites and boxes were finally available for usage
  15. convinced they had a crush on the same girl freshman year in college. Assuming she didn’t end up with either of them, but the rivalry still burns strong
  16. Chill out Representative Swallowswell.
  17. Hopefully TCU holds off on the ticket renewal deadline as long as possible. It’s going to be hard to achieve our previous level of ticket sales with the specter of continued mask mandates and occupancy restrictions.
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  18. NY is opening back up because restrictions don’t work so we should be okay thanks to Cuomo.
  19. Trump is gone so the virus will magically disappear.
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