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FWST: TCU lands Texas A&M transfer who will transition from wide receiver to linebacker

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, May 16, 2021.

  1. TCU lands Texas A&M transfer who will transition from wide receiver to linebacker


    TCU football won the sweepstakes for Texas A&M transfer Shadrach Banks this weekend.

    Banks announced Saturday that he’d be joining TCU. Banks is joining the program with intentions of transitioning from wide receiver to linebacker, a source confirmed.

    “What’s up Fort Worth,” Banks wrote on his Twitter account.

    Read more at https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article251448878.html
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  2. Makes sense. Word is that he weighs in at 250 now
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  3. Now 250 seems a bit over what he should be playing at even at linebacker. He may end up at DE at this rate.
  4. I heard he weighs 290
  5. Um... you just don't see many 290lb linebackers.
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  6. Hmmmm. Donuts
  7. The Longhorns really, really wanted him. Until, of course, they “didn’t.”

    Quote from the UT board:

    “Dude is out of shape and unmotivated. Likely why we passed"
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  8. He’s sitting around 235 and probably needs to play in the 225 range. Don’t listen to the online junk about him being grossly out of shape. He’s carrying some baby fat but he’s also built much much different than traditional skills players. He has a powerful and compact build that is always going to be a bit heavier than the norm. He also moves like a freaking gazelle. If he commits to LB and learns well he’s has outrageous potential
  9. How good is he at reacting to signs from the sideline delivered immediately post-snap?
  10. This looks great on paper and hope it's works, but we already know how complicated it is to learn the LB position in GP's defense. Brooks would've made a very good LB, but couldn't figure it out. Hope Banks can learn the position because I think he would be outstanding with his size and speed.

    Someone needs to come out with a book on how to play LB in GP's defense for these kids. Maybe they can call it "Playing LB in Gary Patterson's 4-2-5 Defense for Dumbies" to make it easier.
  11. How many really talented LBs have we had that couldn't figure out the system? I can't name one. I mean Travin Howard switched from safety and figured it out in like 3 days.
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  12. It seems like we have had alot of highly touted kids come in here that couldn't figure out the LB position. If I am wrong, then I stand corrected in what I said. It just seems there have been several over the years.
  13. Word from irrelevant Aggie is he got way too heavy. Popped off to Aggie coaches and Aggie captains of football team. So he didn't last long. Evidently Aggie players were ripping him as he departed land of the Male cheerleaders. Stay tuned...
  14. He’s just a true Freshman who’s never played a snap of CFB. He has plenty of time to catch on. I also think that Marcel situation is different and if he would have committed to LB he to would have figured it out eventually. I don’t think he really had any passion for playing defense
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  15. Some of that is accurate and some of that sensationalized. The truth is he enrolled early, was a little heavier than he needed to be and just wasn’t ready to be in a place where he had zero connections. He should have finished HS and used that semester to get in to better shape. He’s the kind of kid who will thrive in TCUs smaller more nurturing environment with some kids he already has friendships with. He’s going to be good at TCU. I’m confident
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  16. Yeah and Zach Evans was toxic to the locker room.
  17. Hmmmm...if the only things he learns is that the QB is eligible to run the ball on all downs but especially on 3rd downs and that the RB is an eligible receiver, he’ll be my favorite player on the team.
  18. depends where he is at any given time in the universe.

    earth he weighs 250, on the moon on the moon he is just over 40 lbs, and on jupiter he weighs 643 lbs so the real question is what is his actual mass since his mass is constant or in this case slightly growing
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    scheiss aggy and the more nuturing environment froggish mentions basically is a nice way of saying atm is a machine that truly doesn't give a [ #2020 ] about the kids and while tcu has some machine tendencies we aren"t completely a heartless football machine
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