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FWST: TCU has its worst loss of the Jamie Dixon era as West Virginia rolls to easy victory

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. TCU has its worst loss of the Jamie Dixon era as West Virginia rolls to easy victory

    By Drew Davison

    MORGANTOWN, W. Va. – Jamie Dixon remembers talking with Bob Huggins last season, running into him in the parking lot shortly after TCU steamrolled West Virginia 98-67 in Fort Worth.

    “I feel like Bob after we beat him,” Dixon said. “I feel like him right now.”

    It’s not a good feeling.

    Dixon and the rest of the Horned Frogs had a dejected look to them on Tuesday night, reeling from an 81-49 loss to No. 12 West Virginia at WVU Coliseum.

    Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/sport...niversity/article239290518.html#storylink=cpy
  2. As I said earlier in the season, and was trolled by one or two people for it, we are not big/physical enough inside to be among this league's top teams. I think it is coming and coach is working on it, but for now ...

    We are out-everythinged last night but especially we were manhandled inside by their bigs.

    Samuel for the second straight game was MIA. After scoring no points with eight rebounds against OSU he had six and five boards last night before fouling out.

    I think we can and will be a mid-level team with a chance to finish fifth while looking/waiting for help in the coming years.
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  3. We need bigs who can play when they walk in, not projects. Oh, and guards who can dribble and pass and make, not just shoot.
  4. We drop to 3-1 in conference.
  5. frogs didn't sign one of those. he is a project.
  6. Prima facie, West Virginia's sheer physical size coupled with their unrelenting defense proved to be a force somewhat

    beyond our capability. Moving on.....
  7. I’m no expert, but we can’t even seem to make easy shots regardless of how good or bad a defense we are facing. I didn’t watch a lot of the second half (what’s the point really), but they missed on many scoring opportunities that I saw in the first half. Not good.
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  8. WVU is going to press, hand check, and bump the ball on D. When playing a team like that, you have to do the same, to some degree. It will disrupt WVU on offense, plus it forces the foul calls and no calls by the officiating crew to be the same for both teams. It eliminates the disparity.
  9. West Virginia didn't press much last night. The Mountaineers aren't Press Virginia anymore. Did you watch the game?
  10. We are not nearly as deep as them either. This will repeat itself against Kansas, Baylor and probably Tech.
  11. At the end of the day, it still counts as just one loss. And it is hard to win games on the road. The WV game was one we weren't expected to win.

    Losing in this fashion may even help us be more grounded for Saturday's game. You would hope our players would be playing with a little more fire to get the bad taste out of their mouths. Our next 3 conference games are OU, Tech and UT. Let's see how we do in them. If we win 1 of those 3, we are doing better than last year. And if we can win 2 of those 3, we have made significant progress.

    The most important thing to this season is to show an upward projection of the program. So far we have done that. Let's see if we can keep it going.
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  12. West Virginia was the worst team in the conference last season, what changed? Did they have a lot of injuries and/or good recruits/transfers?
  13. not sure what happened to them last year.

    do know they have added 3 new freshman (one an aa in the post) and 3 transfers/juco, but we have been told it can take years to integrated new players into a new system and expecting them to contribute right away is just too much.

    i also know two of their leading scorers are freshman, but they really don't lean on any one player.
  14. Yes. But they still hand check and bump the ball handler . They still put a lot pressure on the ball. It’s an aggressive style that disrupts, and gets the opposition offense frustrated.
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  15. In basketball you have to make shots. It's not football where you can win with just great defense. You only beat bad teams by shooting like we have the past few games. 31.8%? Very few teams (like OSU)you can beat shooting like that. You could see this kind of loss coming. Gotta turn the offense around or forget it.
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  16. The offense has to run thru Samuel, Bane and RJ. At this point of the season, the rest could not start for the other conf. teams. LeeDee cannot score, Bello has a decent game once in awhile and so does Fuller but Grayer, Dennis, and Smith, oh well. Maybe down the line Fuller and Bello come on but not much help coming forth with the others IMO. Got to keep recruiting well or even better.

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