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FWST: TCU athletic director will support whatever staff changes Gary Patterson wants to make

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. I guess this isn't a popular opinion but I agree with Donati. With extremely rare exceptions like Barry Alvarez, it is a bad idea for the AD to have a heavy hand in making those kinds of decisions. I prefer a policy of, "We will give you the resources to succeed and let you make the staff decisions, and if you continue to fail we're going to replace you."
  2. Former coaches made it very clear that there's a meeting early in the week where GP gives input to and accepts and/or amends the proposed offensive approach. This included not only the strategy but sometimes also who he wanted to see used more or less. Once that is done I've been told that he doesn't do anything else with the offense and rarely gives game day input. Sometimes the offensive staff couldn't even raise him on the headset. If GP wants to run the ball more to control the clock I'm told that has historically been decided early in the week. All that said...my information (first-hand) is from coaches that are not on the current staff so perhaps things have changed. You are correct that 4th down calls and 1 v 2 points attempts and timeouts are in his purvey on game day as well as decisions related to clock management. I used to know exactly when that game plan meeting occurred but for some reason I cannot recall it now. I could ask my father who golfed with former coaches two and three times a week not too long ago.
  3. Well true - from that look on his face when he got off the plan in CStat - it was obvious he was wondering what the hell he did...

    I am sure mumbles “75 mil, just remember 75 mil” to himself a lot
  4. The bottom line is we need to go out and hire the best offensive coordinator we can buy. He needs to have the ability to keep or fire anyone on that side of the ball. If not, don't bother. We may lose a player here and there, but overall this is what must be done for the future. Even the SEC sees that offense is now the name of the game.
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  5. Interesting how we didn’t hear a single thing about bad defenses last night in the iron bowl...

    if OU / Baylor end up 48-45 in regulation- OU will get passed over with the commentary their defense is still not good enough
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  6. Interestingly, Auburn was “held” to 354 yards of offense. They had two pick 6’s and Alabama had a kickoff return. The overall defense wasn’t great of course but it wasn’t as bad as the final score suggested.
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  7. So you believe it was Sonny's decision, not Gary's, to play for the tie against Baylor when we got the ball back with 35 seconds left and all three timeouts? Sure, that makes all the sense, Kelsey.
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  8. Curious why so many are fixated on the two decisions to not push the field with less than a minute left

    would always be great to try in my mind - however if your offense can’t score in 36 mins I have little confidence 36 seconds we’re going to make a difference

    again I think that is just a lack of faith by GP in our OC - which why he needs to find a new OC
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  9. I can understand ADJD saying that publicly. But he better be involved and asking some hard questions. How many OCs has GP hired in the last 8 years? How many have worked out ? He’s demonstrated he’s not very good at that.
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  10. Watching Utah play last night. Announcers said Whittingham went thru 9 offensive coordinators in 11 years. The Utes are solid this year and they were last year too and were the year (u get the picture)
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  11. To run an offense
  12. I think ADJD is giving GP his due respect to run his program as he sees fit for now. I agree. Hyman should have done the same with Tubbs IMHO. Ruined a program almost two decades.
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  13. Tubbs pissed off the academics. It was Sadler Hall that pushed him out.
  14. Waaaaaaat???? There’s no academics in basketball. jk...but not very much
  15. I know this guy is the darling of football but heaven help us if we go get another guy who hasn’t called a damn play before.

    OCing is more than a collection of cool plays. It’s a feel for when to call him and to teach kids to execute them..
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  16. he has done a very good job having distinct identities that match each other
  17. Fire Cumbie
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