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FWST: TCU athletic director will support whatever staff changes Gary Patterson wants to make

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. TCU athletic director will support whatever staff changes Gary Patterson wants to make

    By Drew Davison

    TCU athletic director Jeremiah Donati doesn’t plan to meddle with any possible staff changes that coach Gary Patterson might plan to make for the football program.

    Patterson will have full say in whatever direction he feels the program needs to take this offseason. TCU is coming off a disappointing 5-7 season in which it failed to reach bowl eligibility for just the third time in Patterson’s 19 seasons.

    “As the head coach, he’s ultimately responsible for directing the adjustments he sees as necessary to continue to move our football program forward,” Donati said Saturday. “My role in the process is to collaborate and provide support where necessary.”

    Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/sport...niversity/article237918994.html#storylink=cpy
  2. JD, when necessary your role should be a little more than “collaborate and provide support”. I’m sure you know that but I hope you’re actually prepared and able to do it.
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  3. I don't think there's any doubt that he's unwilling. Where I'm not as certain is the extent to which he's actually capable.
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  4. Donati being a former agent gives him connections to lean on for advice, but ADs typically have less on field knowledge of the sports they’re running than some of the message board posters.

    He’s a fundraiser not a GM that watches tape and every other school in the country.
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  5. I expect that GP may wait until after this coming weekend to make some decision.
  6. I had a chance to visit with CDC in his office several years back, and he used those same words about Gary. Of course, we were winning in those days. He did say that he made Gary account for every T-shirt on the football budget every year.
    Having to hold Gary accountable and defend the direction of the program is a new challenge for our AD.
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  7. When is early signing date?
  8. Pile up some money and make Brady at LSU the OC?
  9. The obvious response to that is why would he leave LSU?
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  10. But......virtually impossible, and he's not walking on water yet, but some cajuns think he may be on the way.
  11. Can't see it. Why would he ever make a lateral move to a school with much less talent and a HC with a track record of getting in the way? Really, I'd think he's going to get a big raise at LSU and assume wait for a HC job.
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  12. Maybe, the Chair of the Board of Trustees would challenge Gary, but that's about it. I think other than the Addison & Randolph Clark statute, Gary is the only other one on campus.
  13. GP will never again have an offensive that out shines his defense. It killed him in 2014 with our awesome offensive machine. Remember we scored so fast his defense had to be on the field too much. Not good for defense stats
  14. not true. There was one out in front of Tandy, not sure if it’s still there.
  15. GP has the opposite track record rather than "getting in the way." One of his criticisms, especially on this board, is he does not pay enough attention to the offense. He needs an offensive staff that he can trust to do the job leaving him to the defense and other extraneous duties of the HC. Meacham and Curbie were amazed when they first started: they never had been around a HC who meddled so little with the offense.

    With GP you have the de facto defensive coordinator and an observer of the offense and special teams. I don't know where you got this meddling in the offense. Are you Cumbie?
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  16. Haven't walked thru campus in a couple of years so you may be right. Need a golf cart now to do it but hopefully, you get the drift?
  17. If you don't think Gary is responsible for the overall game plan and philosophy, including offense and special teams, you must be watching a different team than I am, and reading different quotes from Gary about his input.
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  18. He has paid a little more to offense this season with things like "run the ball more" but that is about it. But throughout his career he has been known as "hands off' with respect to the offense. When he said it would be monitoring it offense more carefully this year, there were posts on the board of "finally"..."he needs to take over the offense, too." You are the first person I have heard say he meddles too much in offense. The game plan, play calling, etc. is the offense's staff, i.e. Cumbie's responsibility. Obviously GP has always asked questions and tried to assist, and makes calls such as go for it on 4th down, go for 2 or 1 after a TD. But 99% is the offensive staff. As always. GP calls the defensive calls, and no, Cumbie does not interfere with that.

    Oh, and the world is round, too.
  19. Unless you are willing to sell your soul like Aggy - you can’t really buy anyone in P5 college football today

    Every school has the money and boosters to raise millions if needed

    even Jimbo was willing to leave because of a bad situation and a lot of guaranteed money - not just for the money
  20. But let’s all be honest ..... 10 years and 75 million GUARANTEED was a massive part of it. There isn’t one other team in the country that was gonna give him that and if there was he may well be there instead of A&M.
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