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FWST: TCU ‘pleasantly surprised’ by NCAA granting extra eligibility to spring athletes

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. TCU ‘pleasantly surprised’ by NCAA granting extra eligibility to spring athletes

    By Drew Davison

    The NCAA is granting every spring sport athlete an extra year of eligibility. Winter sport athletes will not be granted extra eligibility.

    The NCAA announced its decision on Monday as the spring sport seasons came to a halt earlier this month amid the coronavirus pandemic. It came on the heels of whether the NCAA would change course given the financial shortfall being felt by universities during this crisis.

    “I’m definitely pleasantly surprised considering how the momentum seemed to be turning in the opposite direction of late,” TCU athletic director Jeremiah Donati said. “It’s exciting to think these young men and women will have the opportunity to continue to live out their dreams on campus and finish what they started.”

    Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/sport...niversity/article241633711.html#storylink=cpy
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  2. Schloss has his work cut out for him. Will be some unhappy underclassmen thinking their time has come only to have a pretty decent senior return in his place. Definitely a few srs he needs to pat on the back and thank them for their service... and I’m sure he will.
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  3. I need to think this through a bit more (and I'm certain that Moose has)....but I wonder of juco's might not stand to benefit big time for a couple of years. It would appear to be a nightmare case for high school seniors that did not sign early and maybe for some who did.
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  4. Bullpens are going to be stacked
  5. How about allowing a one-year increase of, say, 50% in baseball scholarships? At a high-priced school such as TCU that could make a significant difference to some student athletes.
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  6. Exactly
  7. https://d1baseball.com/columns/college-baseball-braces-for-the-great-roster-crunch/

    Lengthy read but pretty valuable perspectives IMO

    College Baseball Braces For The Great Roster Crunch

    For two weeks after the COVID-19 outbreak resulted in the cancellation of the 2020 college baseball season, players and coaches hung in limbo, waiting for news from Major League Baseball about the 2020 draft, and waiting for word from the NCAA about whether or not players would be granted an additional year of eligibility. A March 26 announcement from MLB and a March 30 vote by the NCAA’s Division I Council provided some answers, but also created some big questions for college baseball’s players and coaches.
  8. Seems like it will be tough to manage the limited scholarships. I think some decisions will have to be made. This affects high school recruits too.
  9. It’s impacting high school recruits tremendously.
  10. Why didn’t they expand roster limits?
  11. They did as it relates to returning seniors.
  12. I can't remember which B12 school it was, but I think it was TTech, that had its athletics director quoted in the American-Statesman a few days back, witching and moaning about an added $500k in scholly costs associated with the extra year of eligibility.

    It will be morbidly interesting to see which of the High Profile and Power Five programs are seriously financially crunched. By that I don't mean have to rearrange budgets. Even UTx will have to do that. I mean programs that have hundreds of millions of indebtedness for, for example, fancy facilities with no donations or solid pledges to pay those stadium bonds. Programs existing on conference/NCAA distributions that certainly will dry up. Like Baylol.
  13. Then why the impact to high school recruits?
  14. I would guess that impact #1 is on recruits that were promised immediate/real-soon-now playing time, that now look to be behind a returning "senior" and likely a year as a backup if not practice squad.

    Just my guess.
  15. $, playing time, RS v play. I am quickly losing my connections to high school athletes and it gets less each year but I know of three HS kids who’ve been told they don’t have a spot at a school they’ve committed to.
  16. Offered gray (grey? don't know which is right) shirts?
  17. Is that even a thing in college baseball? The kids I know were told they could walk on and compete.
  18. Been told TCU baseball will likely pursue some or all of these options:

    - Telling a few HS commits that they don't have a roster spot
    - Shifting a few HS commits to non-ship vs. ship for at least season #1
    - Telling a few current players that they are shifting to non-ship, or non-roster
    - Telling a few JUCOs the same as above
    - Telling a few returning SRs that their prior scholarship amount will be reduced or eliminated if they come back.

    Plenty of guys are going to be very disappointed... But, the crunch will be at the bottom of the talent curve, not the top.

    TCU will be working double OT to find available grants and scholarships that a few of these guys could qualify for and fighting to get that done and keep costs reasonable for the players.

    In the short run, TCU will probably benefit on the field to the detriment of the player's financial situations. Medium and long term looks really, really messy for the roster, but it will be a universal problem so not the end of the world.
  19. Sucks and this is where schools like Vandy will have a massive advantage over others with the amount of money they have to give. I know Schloss was in favor but it wasn’t great for TCU.
  20. Just seems to me there’ll be a lot of high quality players, high schoolers, JC, who couldn’t showcase their final year and will be In no man,s land in whatever draft there is. Overall quality of college baseball should be off the charts next year.

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