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FWST: TCU’s Patterson weighs in: ‘Unacceptable that racism of any kind still exists in 2020’

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. As has been said a million times..GP isn’t anywhere close to a polished speaker. He’s a football coach and seems pretty content being just that.
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  2. truly believe in the end the things that will drive gary into retirement aren't coaching or the competition, but all the other crap that comes with running a power 5 program
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  3. Turpin called him out on Twitter. Coming from someone like Turp, ironie
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  4. Who is that?
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  5. It was important to a lot of people - including me - that GP made a statement like that. Some people, especially guys like Turpin who have an axe to grind, will never stop criticizing him. But it was a good move and I liked it.
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  6. For me personally, anything less than GP becoming the next MLK Jr is a disgrace.
  7. Autoregurgitatiosupercalifragalistidefwnestration?
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  8. I treasure the thought of his kneeling at the 50-yard line before kickoff at Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, praying his team to go out and we-shall-overcome the fork out of those connards on the other side of the field.

    Sports hate is good hate.
  9. Cumbie's statement was really good. As was this from Garret Wallow.

  10. You have to be a very good and experienced person to give a Recorded statement And look like you are not reading. He does not read off teleprompters for a living, so I’m not why anyone would expect a polished video. At least he didn’t insult his whole live fan base like MENSA MAN in the People’s Republic Of Austin.
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  11. Kelsey immediate response...."Call me. Let's talk."
  12. Brand: [blah blah blah give me your money]
    Brand: [we stand with you, black lives matter, now give us your money]
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  13. Y'all need to knock it off with these big words.
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  14. Good. that's what he is payed to do.
    wanna do better? win more games.

    (intentionally posted to see who all I can piss off today)
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  15. curious if ct is rethinking that job move
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  16. Captain America is about to be a black man. Racism is now over. Next topic...
  17. wait, wait, wait, captain america is going to be a black man, james bond is still white, and harry left england and his title to live in the us with his biracial wife and son......

    someone tell james cordon and that star trooper who let harrison ford get killed
  18. Steel has nothing but unmitigated contempt for the kind of human fulminating excrement that would bow to social pressure to utter the kind of useless pablum displayed in this post. Have you no sense of decency Sir!?

    if you really want to make a difference you need to be out setting dogcrap on Fire, looting dogcrap and blowing dogcrap up for Chrissskes!

    do you all realize that Cheesus was a revolutionary? You people don’t know your history. Cheesus was stirring dogcrap up. He was a disrupter. The mustard seed that You People think he was saying grew into a giant beautiful tree—it was a damn weed that destroyed crops for Zchrissskes! This is basic botany people. Freaking worthless crapsacks.
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