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FWST: TCU’s Patterson hears complaints about co-OC Sonny Cumbie, but won’t make ‘rash’ decision

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. I think Cumbie needs help. When we were rolling he had a partner. Now he really does not. Does Luper still make the decisions on personal each play? If so that is a weird dynamic. What if Cumbie calls a certain play with Anderson in mind but Luper sends Shewo in and he is way to slow to run it. Or does Cumbie have to wait until he sees who is out there before calling the play?
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  2. Good question.

    We don't know the answer, but it cannot be too complicated. Sonny calls the play based on who is on the field - remember, the players are already lined up and Max steps back and looks to the sideline for the play - too late to sub. Luper, I don't know what he does on the field during game time.
  3. As frustrated as I am with Cumbie's play calling and scheming, I would hate to lose him all together.

    Perfect world:

    Fire Rusty Burns and Jarrett Anderson (I've heard time and time again from people around the program that they are dead weight).

    Take away Cumbie's play calling role, allowing him to retain the title of "co-offensive coordinator /qb coach." He stays on the field going forward. Take away Luper's title of "co-offensive coordinator" and move him back to RB coach. Put him back on the field instead of in the booth (I imagine he would much prefer this).

    Bring in a proven play caller that acts as our official offensive coordinator and play caller (No. Not Doug Meacham). This person sits in the booth and calls our plays.

    Bring in one additional offensive coach that is chosen by our new coordinator.

    Go win a National Championship.
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  4. Those numbers don't work out, Maniac. Since Burns is only an analyst and the new OC would take Anderson's coaching slot, you'd need to get rid of one more coach to have room for a new one.
  5. GP may not be overly pleased. with SC, but also realizes there are other variables in the modest offense... such as the dropped passes alone, which cut in half, could have probably put us at 6-3 or even possibly a 7-2 record, even with all the other issues, such as penalties/ ints/ inexperience atQB/ fumbles/ etc
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  6. Get rid of Gary.
  7. Patterson slowed the scheiss out of the offense. You can question Cumbie play calling but ultimately he’s running an offense that is a shell of what he came here to run.

    Changing out cumbie doesn’t fix the problem. Either having better players or going to a modern offensive scheme is the way to go.

    If that’s cumbie great. But call me pessimistic that Patterson is going to hire someone new that will bring the up tempo spread we all know is where college football is going.
  8. Agree with a lot of this. I have many issues with Cumbie and his play calling/coaching. I also believe that GP has hand cuffed him. I also don't trust GP to make a strong hire to be the next OC.

    I think GP desperately needs to do some self reflection. He's the HC and seems reticent to take on much blame for the state his program.
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  9. I think Sharp retiring, Fitch taking over the line, CGP bringing in an NFL co-OC all before signing day could be very effective if coupled with a drawn out review of the offensive coaches post-signing day.
  10. So if Cumbie is retained & demoted, does that mean he becomes another one of GP's "buddies"? I understand the sentiment to keep SC on staff for recruiting purposes, but what has he really proven as far as being some sort of QB guru? Since Boykin, who has he developed?

    Boykin pretty much took off on his own because of the new offensive scheme Meach & Cumbie installed that fit his skills. Hill became better with Dykes being here & building an offense that better suited his skill set. Cumbie hasn't done anything with the QB's he has recruited that I or most anyone else has seen. He hasn't built an offense that's been QB friendly to help bring them along that focuses on what they do best. It's basically been, here's the offense, now go do it.

    So we are going to hamstring the new OC with the same underperforming assistants as always? That doesn't fix the problem. It only causes problems again in another 2-3 years when the other positions suck again because the position coaches aren't who the new coordinator is comfortable working with. It's just putting another bandaid on the booboo we have on offense again.
  11. I doubt an NFL (or other good) OC would come here if he couldn't make some changes. Keep the assistants through signing day and then encourage them to leave if the new OC wants them to leave.
  12. Like I said before, before Gary fires Sonny, he needs to let him run his up tempo offense for the last 3 games.

    Wouldn't it be funny if we won all three?
  13. Have you become Techdoc now?
  14. A. we don't know if this is NOT the offense Sonny wants to run.
    B. Regardless of tempo, does not cover for bad play calling and the reality that players have not been coached to their potential.
    C. We aint winning all 3 of those games.
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  15. Tech constantly makes rash decisions.
    Do I itch it?
    What is the best cream?
    Do I need to see a doctor?
    Should I report it to the STD hotline?
    Should I take a picture of it and post it to Facebook?
  16. Well, then, evidence from throughout the season indicates a change in personnel....Kansas not included (51 point by the Frogs), the top point production has been 39...against Pine Bluff....Excluding KU, average ppg is 29.8 in 8 games against everyone not named Kansas....
  17. I really don't understand the whole "play calling" thing. He has a list of plays, they all work if executed properly.
    Now having said that, he doesn't call the touchdown play nearly often enough.
  18. GP is following a pattern. No surprise. Every program or most programs are accountable to a group of highly supportive alumni. These people have earned that right and all love TCU just as much as we do. They are acutely aware of the millions they have given to this athletic program. For example that fantastic facility sitting on the east side of the stadium, etc, was just another need. But I think they are a bit unsettled by actions seen and heard. We as alums and fans only hear what is obvious.
  19. Don't forget that he had arguably the best receiver TCU has ever had to throw to as well. All Boykin had to do was throw something in Doctson's general direction and Glue Fingers would bring it down.
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