FWST: Patterson: Kenny Hill ‘better than a year ago’ and TCU’s clear No. 1 quarterback

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  1. FWST: Patterson: Kenny Hill ‘better than a year ago’ and TCU’s clear No. 1 quarterback


    TCU coach Gary Patterson erased any doubt Kenny Hill is the starting quarterback, telling reporters Friday that the senior is “better than he was a year ago” and clearly ahead of freshman backup Shawn Robinson.


    “We’ll see what he does in the first ballgame and in the second ballgame and in the third ballgame,” Patterson said. “You don’t want to jinx him.”

    Read more at http://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article166854282.html
  2. Come on Kenny.
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  3. "We’ll see what he does" Jeez coach. How about "He'll show you what he's got".

    Go get em Kenny. Greatness is there for the taking.
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  4. Keep him humble, coach P, and turn him loose. Kenny is going to fly this year. Call it a feeling or whatever you want, but Kenny Hill is going to make for some very proud Frogs this year. Spit Blood~~<~~<<
  5. I hope so. But if he starts throwing interceptions then take a look at the new kid.
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  6. Happy to hear Bethley is already on track to get PT.

    Disappointed that the guy he's bumping back is Blacklock though.
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  7. I have to see it with my eyes, I had big expectations for him last year and he let me down.
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  8. "...better than he was a year ago." Admittedly, a low bar.
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  9. And this coming from a man who knows his bars.....
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  10. So we won't have co starters this year??
  11. Oh no. He told Jackson State.
  12. Coach said he's better than any other QB on the roster. Maybe you should suit up.
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  13. Remember when a ton of people, myself included, wanted Matt Brown, Tyler Matthews, and Matt Joeckel over Boykin?

    I've come to a point where I just trust GP's assessment.
  14. Very true, but every starting QB in the country has to avoid INTs to keep their job.
  15. I just hope KH has become a gamer
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  16. Didn't Matt Brown go head to head with CP?
  17. Yeah, and I believe we used him in goal line situations as well in 2011.

    He was still on the roster in 2012. When CP left the team he was Boykins backup. He ended up coming in very briefly for the Kansas State game that year, and didn't do well. I believe that was his only meaningful action for the year.
  18. Patterson pretty much said it... he's got the tools/talent, has improved decision making from last year, and has gained a quiet confidence (aka swagger). It's all mental at this point.
  19. That's the spirit

  20. Coach is wanting to see what he does in games before anointing him. I agree with coach. Practice is one thing. A real game is another matter. Go Frogs!

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