FWST: Patterson: Kenny Hill ‘better than a year ago’ and TCU’s clear No. 1 quarterback

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  1. I remember Patterson talking up the Matt Brown vs Casey Pachall quarterback completion to the media throughout 2011 Spring Practice. He made it seem like it was a 50/50 battle either player could win.

    Then the 2011 Spring game came and it was clearly apparent to everyone in attendance that Matt Brown wasn't in the same stratosphere as Casey Pachall, Matt Brown would never start over Pachall no matter how much Patterson tried to make is seem like a competition.
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  2. Those other guys would have been terrible WRs.
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  3. Hill's biggest improvements would come if the WRs he threw the ball to can actually catch it and the OL gives him more than 2.5 seconds to the throw the ball. That solves 90% of his problems.
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  4. Yes and coach has mentioned this plenty of times. I agree with coach.

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