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FWST: How big is TCU’s projected offensive line? How’s a combined 1,529 pounds sound?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. How big is TCU’s projected offensive line? How’s a combined 1,529 pounds sound?


    TCU saw four of its offensive linemen from last season land in NFL camps this fall. The turnover along the line is a significant storyline going into 2018. But TCU has talent and depth to fill the voids left by the now-NFLers.

    RT Lucas Niang (6-foot-7, 328 pounds): He started at right tackle last season and gives a veteran presence on that side of the line.

    RG Wes Harris (6-foot-4, 295 pounds): This competition isn’t over yet, but the Star-Telegram is giving the early nod to the Aledo product.

    C Kellton Hollins (6-foot-2, 292 pounds): The top-rated center coming out of Louisiana gets a chance to show his worth this season.

    LG Cordel Iwuagwu (6-foot-3, 311 pounds): He started there last year and there’s no reason he won’t this season.

    LT Austin Myers (6-foot-5, 303 pounds): Anthony McKinney will push Myers for this job, but in the end, Myers wins out.

    Read more at https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article216286850.html
  2. What’s the combined weight of the D line?
  3. In 1997, according to DCTF, TCU offensive line totaled 1207 lbs...an average of 241.4.
  4. 1144 for our four starting linemen. Average of 286. Plus some beef behind those guys, too. Definitely the biggest DL TCU has ever had. The 5-man DL in 1977 averaged 226! This year's 1144 for 4 is more than that years 1130 for 5 players!!!
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  5. It might take until game 4-5 but we are going to be good upfront. Barring injury we’ll have every starter back in 19...
  6. LJ is one of the heavier Def Ends we’ve started...
  7. Gotta be the smallest O line we’ve had in a while.
  8. Patterson is going to try to kill some QBs. Maybe not intentionally, but definitely involuntary manslaughter...
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  9. Sounds like Bielema and two assistant coaches.
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  10. Would love to see Wes and Hollins be 3 year starters..That would be awesome
  11. It's really kinda a dumb stat, but just comparing to last year we are a good bit smaller, but obviously Matt Pryor is a big reason.
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  12. Maybe we should recruit this girl....

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  13. We may be too late:

  14. Dang....Dancing Bear...
  15. It's funny to think that I weigh only 7.5% of their total.
  16. #HumbleBrag
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  17. Everyone is searching for the calculator app on their phone now.
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  18. What was it in the rose bowl again, when herbie and others said it would be outmatched vs Wisconsin?
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  19. Damn. I’m 15.7%
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  20. Damn girl. > 1100lbs is impressive.

    ...oops perhaps I made decimal place error.
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