FWST Big 12 Football Media Days begin Monday at The Star in Frisco: Talk is on

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  1. FWST Big 12 Football Media Days begin Monday at The Star in Frisco: Talk is on


    On Monday, Big 12 football begins a two-day talk-a-thon to raise interest, not money, although donations for struggling academic programs will be accepted, in the Land That Other Football Big-Time Zones Forgot.

    The Big 12 gathers under Jerry Jones’ Little Indoor Stadium, Ford Center at The Star in The Frisco, still with only 10 members, the “12” presumably referring to the big grandfather clock ticking on the conference’s viability.

    CBSsports.com headlines its pregame look at Big 12 Football Media Days with “There’s a lot to like about Big 12 football (no, really).” Senior writer Dennis Dodd gives five reasons to like Big 12 football, which, what with the Baylor scandal, the non-expansion debacle and David Boren’s up and downs, are five more than many could think of.

    Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/article161703738.html#storylink=cpy
  2. Who pee-peed into this guy's post toasties?
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    Big 12 might be the forgettable conference (which its not, media really only talks about the blue bloods or top 2 teams of each conference), but Big 12 also gets the forgettable sports writers.

    Football is exciting to write and talk about at any level, I don't understand these people who cover sports nowadays. You get to write about a game, a fun game, it's exciting. These Big 12 writers are the worst. Nobody is going to have the appeal of the SEC or the NFL. They have the money and the contracts.

    It would be good for once to have a writer talk about Big 12 football without starting off with how they think the world perceives Big 12. You write about the greatest game in the world, enjoy it. Enjoy the conference you cover and get involved. Understand it so you do not write horrible articles where fans can read that you have no idea what you are talking about. Understand who you cover so you can ask intelligent questions. These sports writers I can't understand. These articles, like from Vince, I hope they lose their job over it, go cover something else. Other people would give anything to have your job and cover Big 12 football.
  4. It is disturbingly reminiscent of the writing going on prior to the death of the SWC...
  5. Langford seems to harbor a considerable degree of animosity for anything connected to the Big 12.
  6. What a dick

    Can we not get a recap of the media days schedule without some stupid ass snarky commentary?
  7. Can anyone find a link to GP's comments? I tried to get it on Fox Sports Go App but you had to login to your account and could not remember my info.
  8. GP did a great job. He'll be on Sirius XM ( I think college sports nation) at 11:35ish. Kenny did a great job on Fox Sports. He looks relaxed.
  9. I see what LeBreton was talking about.
  10. Everyone email this clown and tell him that he sucks.
  11. What a Brilesbag.
  12. Then there is this gem from Dennis Dodd at CBS Sports: "In case you missed it, Texas and Oklahoma together are basically why the league exists at all."

    WOW!!! That's just great to know Dennis.
  13. Dennis, for such a paltry conference, the Big 12 sure does rake in the dough. The ACC and the PAC 12 wish they were mud rakers like the Big 12.
  14. Doug Stamper?
  15. Star Telegram too dumb to understand how badly they need the B12 to be successful. Maybe Langford's days are numbered and this is his desperate attempt to catch on in SEC or B10 country.

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