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FWST: ‘Best job in America.’ Jerry Kill embraces new role, ready to turn TCU’s offense around

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Feb 17, 2020.

  1. Kill quotes are very revealing about the problems we have on the offensive side.
  2. I read the story. I wanted another persons perspective besides what the writer wrote and their insight. Obviously you cannot contribute anything positive so why comment? Are you the Killerfrogs question editor or Mac Engal?
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    “I think he’s going to be very good,” Kill said. “I think he fits what I’m used to doing and I think he’ll have a great year next year. He’s going to learn a ton from that freshman year. Then we’ve got to build around him a little bit. He can throw the ball, he can run the ball, we’ve just got to do a better job.

    i found the quote about "what i'm used to doing" interesting as the comments about building around a player which is a novel concept in implementing an offense.
  4. this part of the article doesn't directly answer your questions, but i do believe address the overall notion of whether kill has been through a rebuilding process through before as the head guy which effectively he is for the frogs offense

    "Being a “fixer” is something Kill prides himself on.

    Kill went 1-10 his first season at Southern Illinois in 2001, but had consecutive 10-win seasons in 2003-04 and then went 12-2 in 2007.

    Northern Illinois went 2-10 in 2007 before Kill took over and went to three consecutive bowl games. Northern Illinois had the Mid-American Conference’s best scoring offense and total offense Kill’s last season in 2010.

    Minnesota was 3-9 in 2010 before Kill took over in 2011 and had it bowl eligible three consecutive seasons from 2012-14."

    now, what we don't know is how much will the offense actually be his going forward or is he merely going to be the adult in the room

    i have some questions about the changes that were made that basically reset things back to 2016 in some areas and much like how much impact kill will actually have is most likely never going to be known outside some key people.

    we can't call for a redeal on the staff changes so better to look for something good at this time and kill does say a number of things that i think would agree have shown up in the frogs offense the past 3-4 years.
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  5. What else can we do?
  6. maybe start at cautious optimism and build from there if we do see some changes come next august against cal.

    the counter of course is total anarchy on this board if the first offensive series in berkley ends up with a turnover or 2 straight bubble screens, a deep fade to a 5'6" receiver and then a 20 yard punt
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  7. Heh. If that happened, I'd probably turn it off for good, and start watching soccer...
  8. Of course it’s the best job in America. Our offense is so scheissed that if he does anything to improve it, he will be labeled a genius.
  9. I’m optimistic but based on offensive “proven” talent and the amount of teams in the B12 that are returning proven QBs, this team still has a pretty tough road to a bowl game. There’s a chance we play better offensively and still sit on the bowl bubble.

    Bay,Ok St, KSt, ISU, WVU all beat us and return the QB that started against us. Add UT and OU which have the talent to beat us..Max and the OL will have to be significantly better for us to even get to 8 wins which I think is the realistic ceiling for us.
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  10. Question for you smart young'uns:

    As an "analyst", will Kill be able to sit upstairs on game day and wear a headset?
  11. i think you make a very good point as well as the fact there was not one position in the offense last year that performed at a level that if the frogs got that same level of play next year it wouldn't hurt the offense at some point during the season
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  12. They’ve already announced he’ll be on the sidelines with a headset but no microphone.
  13. great question and i have not heard exactly what his saturday responsibilities will be or his access to in game conversations
  14. Nothing now. And to be honest I’m not at all certain what “could have” been done.
  15. Not that it can’t be several things combining but perhaps Meach and Sonny would really value having someone on staff that could tell CGP to shut up and go play a couple of ballads on his guitar. Maybe Kill could function as such a buffer.
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  16. “He is the type of guy who will be brutally honest with you and won’t sugarcoat the situation.”

    Maybe that’s what TCU needs to get its football program back to the level it’s been before. After all, the expectation is for the defense to continue playing at a high level under Patterson.

    Now it’s on Kill and the rest of the offensive minds to get that side playing at a high level again.

    “Gary’s the best coach in the country. There ain’t no question in my mind and I guarantee you as a defensive coach, he’s a genius,” Kill said. “We’ve seen that. Hell, if you can keep them under 30, we should win here. We should win. We should win every damn game.

    “That puts a lot of pressure on what I just said, but we should win every game.”
  17. Obviously Gary reads this message board. That is both good and bad. If he can get Jerry Kill to the 80 to 85% 'Coach P' mode level on the offense during practices and conference games to pair with the defense Gary has coming back next year... well then put me down for 4 seats at the Big XII championship game.

    I was on the sidelines of one of our away games last season. Coach P in Coach P mode is on point. He's the man in that element. The defensive players seemed to be pissed/ foaming animals when the results on their side of the ball were not up to snuff during that game. What I saw from the offensive players were a bunch of polite guys just waiting for the turn to go back in and play. No kill factor what so ever minus some fire I saw in the eyes of Max. The offensive freshman players on the travel team were looking at the senior offensive players like 'what is going on with these dudes?' There were players on that offensive side of the ball taking off their wrist tape well before they were done playing the game. We need someone to give those offensive guys the same predator juice and a direction on how to be a champion WHILE ALSO keeping them chill and not over tight before they go in. Doug Meacham will keep them cool and collected between plays and hopefully Coack Kill will put some execution of excellence in them. Please put Coach Cumbie in the skybox for 2020 with Chad Glasgow.
  18. Don’t really get the marriage analogy. This is more like a harem with multiple assistants. It’s like that one harem member that added ‘something different’ leaves then comes back. And Meacham might bring new ideas but just shaking us out of our play calling rut or second guessing seems worthwhile.
  19. Liked for the use of "no KILL factor."
  20. mike's dad obviously was attracted to the woman and she was attracted to him or else they don't get married multiple times, but just as there was something attracting them there was something that kept them from staying together.

    something happened in 2016 that triggered meacham leaving the frogs and it wasn't exactly a friendly break up based upon some comments that have made and the great job gary seemed to take in destroying the kansas offense co-ordinated by gary in ft worth.

    what happened in 2016 to cause the split and have all things been smoothed over? doubt we will ever know the first and will left to conjecture on the second.

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