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FWST: ‘Best job in America.’ Jerry Kill embraces new role, ready to turn TCU’s offense around

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Feb 17, 2020.

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  3. Before Kill can change and improve our existing players, he's gotta be on the coaches, then the coaches change and improve the players. I don't see him that involved with the players per se. Would look for him to be in Sonny's ear or Meach, whoever is calling plays at halftime. Believe we will be better in the 2nd. half normally than the first.

    The fades to Turp in the right corner of the end zone, Des the primary blocker on the edge, Sewo running down the line because he cannot find a lane, our famed bubble screen, etc. are over - foolishness. That's why GP says, I need help.
  4. From your keyboard to GMFP's ears...
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  5. Offensive goal in 2020.....accentuate the positive and eliminate the negatIve.
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  7. Uhh-huhhh....
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  8. I wanted other posters opinion on the Article.
    Does that pass your editor filtration criteria for asking a question?
    Your arrogance on display.
  9. ......latch on to the affirmative and don't mess with mr in between.
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  10. Does Kill get a towel girl?
  11. Fascinating that GP told Kill that’s he’s assembled the best offensive staff he’s ever had....Not sure what to think about that
  12. How about a big MN fullback and TE for the red zone.
  13. What wasn't included was the eye to eye look, the 5 second pause, and both of them cracking up...
  14. I would liken your first paragraph to how ESPN talking heads would discuss TCU in terms of being a national championship caliber program or team. "TCU doesn't really have the name brand." "TCU isn't from the SEC." TCU doesn't have the star recruits." So you seem to be saying this new O staff doesn't have star power or the credentials to be considered first tier, and that the staff is therefore underwhelming.

    Fact is: this board did lose its collective mind over Anderson and Kill, and that's before the new RB coach came on board (btw: I never had the same love toward Luper's coaching as others).

    There's a lot to be said about chemistry, mix and timing. I am betting (wishful hoping) we will all be losing our collective mind over how much better the offense and team results will be next year.
  15. I'm all in PURPLE. But.........how can GP sanely say that this is his best offensive staff? He did pretty good with Fuente and going 36-3. Sometimes you gotta wonder about ole GP.
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  16. Perhaps he meant other than our trip through minor leagues...
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  17. Yes, but he didn't make that declaration.
  18. The only fact we have is TCU has to have an incredible 2020 football season. That means a top 25 season. Anything less and TCU is in real trouble now and the future.

    Can't have an ugly 6-6 season scraping in for a low end bowl game. Nope, that won't work.
    And I don't give too craps how young this OL is. Not an excuse, they messed up, choked 2019 away with NFL talent, now they have no choice but to win and win convincingly in 2020. They have to be WAY better than 2019.

    It's going to be tough as Okie State looks real good maybe the best roster coming back. WVU will be legit and confident and home field advantage. Cal is expected to win 9 games and will have had already a warm up game with home field advantage. OU and UT will have talent and refs on there side. Baylor is a rivalry game so anything goes. SMU will have TCU as it's super bowl again to prove 2019 wasn't a fluke and they have their QB again. KState and Kansas will be deeper thus better. Iowa State will be deadlier than 2019 with an experienced returning group and QB Purdy. Texas Tech is a rival game and it's always a crazy heart attack game against them.

    If TCU doesn't start well right off the bat against Cal and SMU, you know how Big 12 is with calls going the way of teams that they want to be at the top and has had early success. Baylor got on a roll and Big 12 wanted the big ratings matchups. TCU needs to win and get that top team story rolling or end having an uphill battle with any and all Big 12 teams but maybe Kansas.

    Kill and crew has a big job to do. Patterson has an even bigger job. Don Sommer our third head coach has one of the most critical off-season of his career. His job might be the hardest one of all.

    Failure in 2020 means jobs lost in 2021 for sure. And I know how these guys are family. We all want them to succeed. We have to meet the potential of these great recruiting classes we've been having with real results. No more oops that season slipped away or look at all those injuries type of season. No excuses in 2020/21 season.
  19. I don't know. Intuition?
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  20. Football success, like the roux of a good gumbo, is based on its ingredients and the skill of the Chef.....

    Laissez les bona Temps rouler
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