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FSU's HC Norvell just made Chris Thomsen's move uncomfortable.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MCFROG III, Jun 5, 2020.

  1. This is why you can't pander to the BGI(Black Grievance Industry). Nothing will ever be enough. The goalposts will always move away from you. I posted this graphic yesterday and it is more relevant now than ever:

  2. Look.... at the end of the day if you lie about something you should be held accountable for it. If Norvell said he met one on one with the players when he actually didn't then that's on him.
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  3. Agree.
  4. I think it’s telling that even the aliens apparently don’t want him...
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    wasn't bgi killed in los angeles in revenge for tupac?
  6. What a stupid move by Norvell. Only lie when necessary. This was a completely unnecessary lie.
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  7. Do YOU have a clue why people of this country are upset?

    The Minnesota cops did not use the wrong word.

    He used the power of the State, a badge, a gun, handcuffs, and a knee to kill an unarmed and defenseless citizen of our Country.

    It has nothing to do with words, food, hand gestures, jokes, or anything else in your excuse for treating other people as less than yourself.
  8. The cop in question is going to jail, and will be raped repeatedly until the process becomes fatal, or he hangs himself. I imagine the trial will last about 9 minutes.

    So, counselor, what more do you want? The clearly guilty party in the matter is proceeding (on suicide watch) to his just reward. His wife (of Oriental extraction I'm told, just to cement his racist credentials) is divorcing him. He has no kids AFAIK. What remains of his life will be humiliating, painful, and short.

    The Officials of the State, and Locality, are all members of the same Party. They have run that State and Locality for decades. The Officer in Question had 18 complaints filed against him in recent years, yet the Party officials never booted him from the force. These same Officials have presided over the City and had every opportunity to "fix" these "problems" with no opposition whatsoever since the 1960's, yet the people rioted and burned.

    Apparently, their "solutions" were not only ineffective but counterproductive.
  9. Please find me one instance of anyone here who doesn't think George Floyd's death was a needless tragedy

    It could have been something that could have united us all, but instead the BGI turned it into yet another "shame white people endlessly and make them feel guilty for being white" event.
  10. Another one of your Bozo replies ... most rallies I've seen on the tube are 70% white ... don't see the white people quilty thingy... though sure many whites feel guilty they didn't become more active before now.
  11. I think LVH is stirring the pot.

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