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From GMFP to MFGP?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Oct 25, 2020.

  1. I hate to think or talk about replacing Patterson but we are facing a third straight year of decline in this program. The talent on paper has improved, but to me the coaching/preparation/gameday is poor. Teams are all over us. Gary is a loyal guy which isn't a bad thing, but sometimes it is not a good thing.

    Donati is going to have to show us what kind of AD he is. The loss of tickets and suite sales and sponsors will likely talk louder to him as I think he is mainly a money-raising glad-hander. His seat is going to get as warm as Patterson's.

    One problem is Gary is under contract through 2024 and with a reported base salary of $6.4 million (approx) he is owed about $25 million unless a separation settlement is reached.

    Maybe that is what Gary needs. After the last contract extension after the 2017 season this team began to slide and it continues. Performance is bad in all phases. This is the Big 12. We can't sit around and be complacent like we did in the SWC or we will get left behind again. Complacent seems to be what Gary has become. I don't detect the fire. And he is doing worse with three and four stars than he did with twos and threes.

    Maybe Gary needs to find another place to reignite his fire and coach up players. He is not getting it done here and in the world of bigtime athletics, one thing matters most, results.

    It's about time to tell Gary thank you for everything you have done and given and created. We will forever be grateful. But the time for change is very close.
  2. Due to that contract and the statue what happens next is entirely GP’s decision. No way you can fire him due to both of those factors alone (which is why those college football head coaching contracts are ridiculous). Does he self reflect, put his ego aside and realize retiring is what’s best for the institution? Or does this drag on like so many others (Bowden, Paterno, Mack Brown, etc).
  3. Topfrog I couldn't agree more. We are eternally grateful for what Coach P has done for TCU. Forever indebted to him really. BUT he is dangerously close to using up that HUGE pile of equity that he has built with TCU and the TCU fanbase. He can't keep bringing in these coaches who are part of his coaching tree. He needs some offensive and defensive coaches that have learned from other top coaches who can tell Coach P what his coaching weaknesses are. I applauded the hiring of Kill & Malcolm Kelly but we need a STUD offensive line coach & we need a STUD special teams coach.
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  4. I’ve been watching TCU football since f a dry.
    this current team is a good dry team and or a decent pat team.
    I’d take franchione team or wacker team right now over Patterson’s bunch.

    Patterson’s personality nor his playing style of his team is selling seats right now and I can only imagine how many bandwagon fans are going to drop out of their season tickets.

    if I didn’t move out of the dfw metroplex- I’d be attending games no matter how bad the product is on the field
    But I did- and therefore I’ll likely let my rockets go as well. I know I will be able to cherry pick a couple games through stub hub in the future

    I’d love for Gary to care about the school more than he does about his friends on his staff but it sure doesn’t look like he does.
    I’d love for him to
    Make the needed changes but at this time that looks very unlikely.

    All scenarios look bleak but I’m thinking he goes another Sub par 1-2 seasons and they agree to a retirement.

    I will forever be grateful for what he did for the school but at this point the school doesn’t owe him much - other than an opportunity to retire.
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  5. Ever since that danged statue...
    Even he knew it was a terrible idea.
  6. I am afraid it will be the latter.
  7. fully agree. Under FA he had those boys on defense scratching and fighting. I do not see this now. They were hungry. I do not see the hunger right now. Put in boys who want to play football more than anything.
  8. I’m pretty much done with GP for different reasons..... I still haven’t forgiven him for publicly humiliating a staff member (Cumbie) and never properly apologizing. I haven’t forgiven his constant use of the egotistical “I” when referring to the success of the program. I don’t forgive his paranoid secrecy about spring training and pre-season, as if we don’t deserve to know anything. And I’m worn out from the same old tired answers at every press conference. It’s as if he’s tired of us.......
  9. I think he has never really captained on what the program could be. He is to old fashioned and thinks everyone is spying on him. The spring game is a joke, the lack of information from the program makes it impossible for people who want to be fans to become fans. There is no enthusiasm around the program and a lot of that is on him. Zero excitement to be honest. You have to be a diehard fan to get excited about game day. Where we are, what we have as far as the conference we play in and our facilities and access to $$$$, makes us a desirable location. We can and should be a constant winner.
  10. The claims around here that he cant be fired because of a statue are comical.
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  11. This is so spot on. We have the donors to get a great coach.

    GP was a great coach, but his stubborn loyalty is wrecking him. This os worse than the Schultz drama.
  12. We keep getting nobodies as assistants. We are a P5. Bring in proven talent.
  13. rose bowl rings don't prove talent?

    you would most likely scoff at a cheezit bowl watch.....
  14. Agreed. When we were winning those things all kinda flew under the radar but now that we just aren't very good they've all become an absolute beating. I can't stand listening to the guy speak.
  15. a statue before winning a national championship or retirement is comical
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    I haven’t paid attention to a GP press conference in years. They are repetitive and useless.
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  17. The Ticket about to do a segment making fun of GP’s in game interview. I’ve been a P1 almost from the beginning as Gordon did a remote at a place I was working at in college.

    And I’ve liked Jr Miller and Corby for the better part of that, but their OU affiliation and bias has become too much for my liking.
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    I think they had been on the air for about a month when they did a remote at The Keg, or whatever The Keg became (those files have been corrupted). I think we bought them beers...

    And I still miss the Habanero Ranch dressing!
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  19. The little Ticket has come a long way. It’s amazing to me how much Rhyner belonged there. Listening hasn’t been the same since he left. I like Bob Sturm, but I’m not sure I liken him in drive time and don’t think he meshes well with the yuck monkey that is Corby.
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  20. I enjoyed it back in the day. They were fresh, kept things moving, local, and didn't go for the normal Radio Schtick like everybody else. Of course, I moved back to Houston and only listened when we were back in Fort Worth for games and such. Thus my experience is very much limited to a few days a year, if that much. Thinking back, that was 1997/8! Ye Gods...
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