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Frogs vs Indians/Cardinal/Trees/Vegans - Game Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. We are lucky to have several former TCU athletes posting on this board. I don’t remember any of them, at least the ones I know personally, calling our student athletes idiots or making personal attacks. They might critique the athletes play, but never call him/her a name.

    Hopefully, after these 2 years of insulting KH, some of the non-athletes learn how to vent their frustrations without insults. It feels like KH had an uphill battle just because of his past at aTm. If he was with us from the beginning, people would not have been so hard on him.
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  2. I also think KH short leash syndrome began with an internal desire to have homegrown Foster Sawyer be the Man. The coaches picked the best man for the job then and then again tbis year with highly touted freshman, SR.

    So KH always had an intriguing back up.
    KH definitely made mistakes and great plays, but everybody does.

    Couple that with ATM attached to his bio, made him more of a lightning rod.
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  3. We should have started our own thread for KH’s sake. Hardly anyone will open this old game thread.
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  6. I have a few observations, and I am sure some of them have already been discussed.

    Desmon White was my MVP. He was the difference in the game. I don't think Stanford remembered him as a great QB at DeSoto. I thought Hill really took advantage of his strengths. He used his legs well, and took what the passing game was going to give him especially with the screen game. Sewo finally became the RB we needed from him. He got going vertical in a hurry and less shuffling. That may have been something that was worked on over the break especially since we didn't see him taking direct snaps. I imagine that the coaching staff will continue to design plays where the hole is more defined. I think that will help Robinson next year. My big concern on offense is Turpin. He seemed to avoid contact. After being tackled he stayed down injured. I am not sure if he was fully healthy. I also wonder if a previous injury is creating a mental block. All are very understandable, and I am sure it will be discussed during film.

    The defense played very well. Costello never looked comfortable in the pocket. The RBs were kept in check for most of the game. Gladney nearly running down Love also showed this team was not going to give up. I also liked how the DBs seemed to really in sync. My biggest concern on defense is size especially when it comes to pass coverage. Our DBs aren't big, and they struggle against big receivers and TEs. We need to get bigger in this area.
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