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Frogs v. Cats Game Three

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by PurpleBlood87, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. Walk him?

    Load the bases with one out?

    Hell, I make a fraction of what Schloss does per year and I know you walk the scheissing guy to load the bases.

    Oh well, time to call out the pitching again
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  2. You throw it at the batter in the box. If he stays, he gets hit and goes to first and runner returns. If he vacates, you catch it and tag the runner out. Or....pitch out and make him step on the plate to make contact or interfere. To groove one shows that you have been poorly prepared and deserved what you got.

    Hell... with the stupid rule they have now you could possibly get a strike by throwing it into his side and the runner would still have to return.
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  3. I don't understand not loading the bases.
  4. Two words and four numbers -- Cal Coughlin 2019
  5. You have seen Cal pitch this season odds of him doing that are slim and none.
  6. Wrong. The odds of him throwing a strike was far more remote than throwing at the batter or well outside.
  7. That game was a microcosm of the season. Starter allows one hit over 6.2 innings. TCU scores 10 runs and loses.
  8. I just meant him controlling a pitch.
  9. Hey schloss! Maybe it’s time to call out the pitching staff again. Not one guy, not three guys, but the entire staff!! That’ll do it! We’ve got a lineup that can compete with anyone in the league and the best pitching coach money can buy. This is on you big boy.
  10. Complete team failure in all disciplines. Offense gives up an entire inning of outs being picked off (including at 2B with two outs). Offense goes dormant in the middle innings again when the game could have been put on ice including inexplicable decisions to lead off innings attacking the first pitch with a pitcher who's behind and count is rising. Defense was atrocious and aided by a joke of a field that no person that calls himself a baseball player should have to play on. Once again we have to prove the we cannot defend small ball. And of course the pitching woes with the notable exception of Brandon Williamson. Finally, the mental toughness...that so-called "quiet confidence"...that "next 90 feet" mentality...that control the controllables...and stuff seems to have left our dugout in search of a team more willing to embrace it. Some will say: "but look at the resilience they showed". Okay good. What about not having to be resilient by taking care of your [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] when you should?
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    Nah. Williamson looked awesome, but we pulled him when he showed the first sign of trouble, to hand it off to our bullpen who has been dogshit.

  12. I cant believe they did not walk the guy.
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  13. Neither can I. That is head-up-the-ass coaching. This, and the fact that Schloss does not like to bunt - and for reasons that make no sense. Beginning to think his strength is recruiting and not as a game manager. He needs a bench coach and a change in philosophy.

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