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Frogs v. Cats Game Three

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  1. Didn't see a thread. Sorry if one has already been started.
  2. Frogs lead 2-0 heading to the bottom of the second.
    Runs scored on an single by Henry and fielder's choice by Humphrey.
  3. TCU leads 2-0 after two.
  4. Josh Watson crushes one to left center. Frogs lead 3-0 with one out in the third
  5. Rizer hits a Texas Leaguer to right center to score Guenther who had doubled. 4-0 Frogs
  6. With Rizer at first, Henry hits a high chop up the middle. The ball bounces off the second baseman's glove and the ball goes into left. Rizer who had slid gets up and races around to score 5-0 Frogs in the third. And the inning ends with Henry getting picked off second. That's the second pickoff of the game.
  7. And KSU gets a run back with a lead off home run to open the Cats end of the third. 5-1 Frogs.
  8. Williamson responds to the home run by striking out the side. 5-1 Frogs going to the top of four.
  9. 5-1 going to the bottom of the fourth after someone got caught stealing (can't remember who).
  10. With one out KSU gets a runner on thanks to a Henry fielding error but Williamson gets the next two and we go to the fifth with the Frogs up 5-1
  11. Oviedo and he was picked off ....again. We run the bases like an over coached little league team
  12. Guenther doubles with two out but is stranded. Frogs 5, Cats 1 heading to the bottom of the fifth.
  13. KSU fan at game celebrating her 91st birthday. Her first date was with Bill Snyder in high school
  14. Great inning for Williamson in the 5th
  15. 3u3d for Williamson in the fifth. Still 5-1 Frogs.
  16. KSU bringing in a reliever.
  17. Frogs strand Henry, who had singled, at second. 5-1 B6
  18. Williamson with another 3u3d inning. Still 5-1 going to the seventh.
  19. Wolfe hits a solo shot to right with one out. Frogs lead 6-1 in the 7th
  20. And we'll go to the bottom of the seventh with the Frogs up 6-1.

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