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Frogs Get ESPN Gameday Again


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Think he also said we’d win close today.


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Updating some “national exposure” stats. This year TCU has been:

  • Featured on ESPN College Gameday 3x (Kansas, Texas, Big 12 Championship)
  • Feature on FOX Big Noon Saturday 2x (Tech, Baylor)
  • Broadcast nationally on ABC or FOX 7x (OU, Oklahoma State, Tech, Texas, Baylor, Iowa State, Big 12 Championship)
  • Faced 6 then-ranked Top 25 teams (OU, Kansas, Oklahoma State, K-State, Texas, and K-State/Texas)
  • Played as a ranked team 9x (since KU) and played in games where both teams were ranked 5x (Kansas, Oklahoma State, K-State, Texas, and K-State/Texas)
  • Been ranked in the CFP top 7 and discussed as a potential playoff team every week rankings were released.
Monster year. Just unbelievable to think back to Halloween Night 2021 and believe where we are.
Don’t forget having a player in the Heisman conversation. I consider that national exposure.

tyler durden

Tyler Durden
So where do they set up Gameday? Like in front of SkyMirror at the Death Star? Dozens of fans in attendance? Or do they do it in Sundance Square?