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Fox 4: TCU announces plans for fall classes

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. Fox 4: TCU announces plans for fall classes

    [​IMG] article
    FORT WORTH, Texas - Texas Christian University announced guidelines for students to return to campus in August.

    “You’ll notice enhanced cleaning and protection practices including twice-daily cleanings and the use of electrostatic misters,” the university said in the video announcement.

    Read more at https://www.fox4news.com/news/tcu-announces-plans-for-fall-classes
  2. "Enhanced Cleaning" is such garbage. Is there even any proof this virus spreads on surfaces?

    I went to Target the other day... cashier did a full scale clean of the register area after every customer. Why? In my opinion, it doesn't do jack [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]. It's to give the illusion of safety, and help spread panic/fear.
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  3. This is just like the initial knee jerk reaction that the nation had when they closed everything down months ago, instead of addressing and monitoring key infectious areas and groups. Case in point, the dormitories. I clicked on all the links provided and talked to several faculty about the dorm rules and safety plan. None could offer anything.

    I would think that classes could socially distance for the hour they are in session, but no mention of the area where people eat, sleep, shower, get drunk and vomit in the halls, have sex, etc. But hey, what do I know?
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  4. My company had a business come in and do an "enhanced cleaning" of the building. Both offices and manufacturing areas. We are a light manufacturer, with part being pretty dusty and grimy. I asked how much this cost, but got no answer...Which meant to me that it was a ridiculous amount. I pointed out that if an infected person enters the building the very next day, all the cleaning in the world is worthless. Funny thing: On Monday after the weekend cleaning, everyone noticed how filthy all office surfaces where. But now we have a cute sticker on the front door proclaiming the building "enhanced clean". Oh, the "enhanced cleaning" company: Terminix
  5. What do you want them to say, we aren't doing crap? I mean some of you will complain about anything.
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  6. Because its damn near impossible to "stop" an infectious virus. You aren't going to stop it with "enhanced cleaning".
  7. I assume you realize that literally every effort that we've made since it started has been to SLOW it or somewhat contain it. Nobody, and I literally mean NOBODY, is under the illusion that we're gonna STOP the virus. Reading your posts has just become an absolute beating. We get it man.
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  8. Whether there is a need to clean that often or not it is good marketing. “Your safety is our priority so give us your money.”
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  9. USC going mostly on line.
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  10. I would be strongly considering taking a year off if I was in school right now.
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  11. Absolutely, almost a no brainer IMO. If you can find a one year technical program to learn a valuable skill (basic programming, welding, A/C, etc) then that's all the better. Or try and work unpaid at a dream type job.
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  12. Everything should be postponed until the 2nd week of November and the schedules modified accordingly. Save all the trouble.
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  13. The only reason to bring kids on campus this year is money related:

    1. Football
    2. Charging full price tuition

    If you go online only you risk both of these things going away this year.
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  14. I think you’re giving people way too much credit.
  15. Alas, this seems to be true. This is a good post that I can't bring myself to "like".
  16. I drive by an NDOT sign every day that says "STOP COVID 19. STAY HOME. SAVE LIVES. MASK FOR ME, MASK FOR YOU."
  17. do think we will ultimately end up with no college sports this fall.

    as some have pointed out the liability is significant to the schools and i do think there is just too much fear (whatever the source of that fear) to try to force all the things that need to happen for a season to take place.

    we can debate all we want about how necessary college sports truly are and i do think that we collectively have to move forward with our lives in whatever modified way we need to address specific public health needs and personal concerns.
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  18. It is nuts how the fear - real or artificial - has impacted people's lives. I mean, just last week, Dr. Boschini was minutes away from a Vote of No Confidence by the Faculty. Minutes. I would like to believe he has handled all these messes with class and poise but ... the Faculty, no, put his head on a spike.

    It - this virus - has contributed to us to become so divisive.
  19. Wrong
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  20. no doubt and like many things there has to be a scape goat, has to be someone to blame
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