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Fox 26: Saarloos interviews with Rice

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. Rice interviews TCU pitching coach Kirk Saarloos

    By Mark Berman

    HOUSTON (FOX 26) - TCU pitching coach Kirk Saarloos, the former Astros pitcher, interviewed today with Rice officials as the school searches for its next baseball coach.

    "It was great," Saarloos said in an interview with FOX 26 Sports. (Athletics director) Joe Karlgaard and President (David) Leebron and everybody were awesome. We talked about philosophy,culture. It was really well done.

    "Rice is a premier institution. Has everything that you're looking for as a coach, investing in the program, great stadium, great history. There's really no box that's left unchecked."

    Read more at http://www.fox26houston.com/sports/rice-interviews-tcu-pitching-coach-kirk-saarloos

  2. Just great. So who is the next best candidate for the TCU opening?
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  3. Not so fast. I fully expected him to meet with Rice, and say these types of things. No harm done so far. He now has the ammo to push his deal with us to where he wants it to go. Playing his hand smartly. Schloss needs to make a decision now, assuming he has not. Hard to know what is really going on.
    All that said, someone get Mazey's and Tadlock's agents on the phone to see if there is any interest in visiting if there is an opening...
  4. Is there really this little fanfare in Houston directed toward Wayne Graham's retirement? This is like the 3rd story I've seen that makes just a cursory mention of Coach Graham and the non-renewal of his contract. If someone didn't know better, he was just a slug losing coach that they're replacing.
  5. Coach Graham’s departure sounds like the way Jamie Dixon was going at Pitt. You don’t know what you got till it’s gone.
  6. Doesn’t seem all that similar to me
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  7. There's been a significant amount of coverage surrounding Coach Graham's retirement in the local media, but TCU fans outside of Houston probably haven't been exposed to it very much.

    The popular thinking seems to be that Rice believes Coach Graham has reached the age where he needs to step aside for a younger man, and while the coach doesn't entirely agree he isn't fighting the inevitable.

    That's just what I've been able to glean from the articles I've read and the sports talk I've listened to on the radio, but it's more than a just a blip on the radar, here. At the same time, Rice baseball is not a high priority sports story in Houston, either.

    CKS has often mentioned how much he and his family fondly remember their time in Houston, and he has considerable experience with coaching baseball at a small private institution, so all that makes him somewhat of a perfect candidate for the Rice job, no doubt.

    Whether Rice can put together a package to lure him away, and whether he takes it or not remains to be seen however.

    Go Frogs!
  8. Hopefully Donati or however you spell his name locks up Saarloos soon since JS may leave. Maybe this meeting with Rice will sweeten the deal for KS and the Frogs.
  9. He certainly moves like a slug.
  10. JS is gone. We are considering other coaches whether we ever admit it or not. I hope KS is the decision here.
  11. It’s amazing how many times I’ve had to say this...... IF WE WANT KS TO BE OUR NEXT HEAD COACH HE WILL BE.
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  12. Find nothing amazing about the need for repetition around these parts.
  13. At risk o
    At risk of being repetitive, is that other school going to owe TCU money if this happens as expected, and if so how much? Anyone know?
  14. To me, this wait-wait experience is being caused by the AD at Mississippi State. Remember he wanted to wait until the regional s or WS was over with.Don't think Schloss or Donati is the cause.

    Gave MSU a good goin' over yesterday and I was not impressed with the town, available housing, school, retail etc. Of course I have been in love with Ft. Worth for years and it would be hard, very hard to take a back seat to any town other than the fort etc.
  15. And just for the record (and those who don’t live Houston), former Rice great Lance Berkman has expressed strong interest in the job at his alma mater, but his only coaching experience is at the high school level.

    Go Frogs!
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  16. He moves better than I do-- hate to think what you would say about me,but I deserve it and Graham doesn't.
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  17. Houston is an Aggie town. If he were interviewing for Childress' job it would be front page news.
  18. He's 82 years old for God's sake. Plus I heard he had several motorcycle wrecks when he was young.
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  19. Wouldn’t you think this is all wrapped up with Saarloos or whomever it is behind the scenes. I would guess there is a gentlemen’s agreement between TCU and Schloss. I would also guess Saarloos has been working the phones telling kids what the deal is until the official announcement. At least I would hope so...
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  20. That’s good stuff.

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