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Former TCU play Rob Adams schools Sean Payton

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by PurpleBlood87, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. I saw their championship game. It was a lot of fun watching that offense execute all their misdirection flawlessly. I particularly enjoyed the center rolling the ball back every time...the ball was never visible to the defense. You could tell they had a lot of fun with it. And I don't care who coach Payton called, he wasn't going to stop the RB Springtown had.

    Pojo did come up a little short against Liberty at the high school level last year, but that rematch is only a few weeks away...which makes me giddy because it means football is just about here.
  2. Nick Saban claims the single wing will lead to more injures, should be banned from college football
    Again my point is Gruden does not have a brilliant defensive mind. He's an great coach of offense. That would be like saying GP is a brilliant offensive coach. By your example, Payton should have asked a single wing coach how to stop the single wing.
    Well since Gordon Wood is dead and so is most every other single wing coach....he went with his next best option.
  5. https://f.io/zK6Tl82X

    Seven years later the NFL Network does a follow up from our 2012 season. Enjoy!

    Coach Parcells actually agreed to be interviewed for the piece. Ironically the head coach of the Warriors was actually Brennan Hardy, another former TCU offensive lineman. Unfortunately the defensively brilliant Gruden was unavailable...

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  6. They didn’t give you enough airtime brother!

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  7. Cool story, bro. For real. Cool story.
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  8. That is awesome. Everyone needs to watch the video.
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  9. Fantastic story and video. Great job, coach!

    In 1985 I wrote a piece for the Daily Skiff on the single wing, which was being run by D3 Denison University (Ohio). I had a buddy who played on the DL there, and they had a late-season game vs. Trinity in San Antonio to cap an undefeated regular season. It was something to watch. Even then, it had been 30 years since most people had seen it. The Denison coach had been there that long, and he re-installed it after a winless season in the late '70s.
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  10. Coach Joe Bob Tyler

    Legendary Texas HS coach and single-wing master. Won titles at Wichita Falls and Burkburnett. Later went to Haltom City America where they couldn’t spell football, and made them a winner in early 70’s with the single-wing.

    WWII vet, prisoner of war, and I think Battle of the Bulge.

    Giant of a man (not stature), commanded and got respect. Loved kids and the single- wing.
  11. Cool story. They needed to give you more camera time though.
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  12. That's Steel's former roommate!

    Not enough airtime tho...
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  13. That’s a great story and video! Thanks for sharing!
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  14. Saban has the titles which give him cred, but he can be a huge dong bag at times.
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  15. Saban also claims the single wing will make birds fly in circles...so his level of understanding of the topic may not be what we think it is.
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  16. Keith Piper...he wrote the book, “Single Wing and a Prayer”. I studied his game film on YouTube. Great stuff!!
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