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Football Maven: Trevone Boykin Latest Ex-Seahawk Attending XFL Summer Showcase

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Football Maven: Trevone Boykin Latest Ex-Seahawk Attending XFL Summer Showcase

    As part of an invite-only tryout roster, quarterback Trevone Boykin will join running back Christine Michael as a former Seahawk who will participate in today’s XFL Summer Showcase workout in Dallas.

    Boykin, who starred at TCU from 2012 to 2015, signed with Seattle as a priority undrafted free agent in 2016 and beat out Jake Heaps for the backup quarterback job behind Russell Wilson. He appeared in five games during his rookie season, including spelling an injured Wilson in a win over the 49ers, completing 13 out of 18 passes for one touchdown and one interception.

    Read more at https://footballmaven.io/seahawks/n...g-xfl-summer-showcase-MGYHArxs-kuGCYNkk-muSA/
  2. Trevone

    Don't blow this.
  3. How is he not in jail?
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  4. Jewelry business must be booming.

    It’s a tragedy to waste such talent. On the college field, he’s my favorite Frog of all time. Even ahead of LT. It’s just heartbreaking to see him make one bad decision after another.
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  5. Meh, maybe he's just decided to move on from football. No harm in that, especially considering what the XFLs salary structure is looking like. Not like hes throwing away a lottery ticket or something like that.
  6. nope. he already did that;
  7. This for me, as well! I wonder what went wrong in that kid’s head? I guess he just couldn’t handle success. All I can say is, What a Dumbass!
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and scheiss baylor!!
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  8. Wonder why Turpin or Diarse didn’t get a look.
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  9. I thought they weren't taking people with records
  10. Turpin had an invite, per his Instagram.
  11. I certainly made my share of bone-headed mistakes when I was young, but this just perplexes me.

    Go Frogs!
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  12. I heard his throwing hand is injured but he will have another chance when it is better or something like that.
  13. Women aren't for hitting, unless they're into that kinda thing. I hope he learned that lesson. Looks like he ain't learning anymore football lessons.
  14. He’s got that Fortnight condition.
  15. Only amateurs play on TV's. Monitors are where it's at.

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