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Fire Cumbie..!

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by JAB331, Nov 9, 2019 at 3:04 PM.

  1. (I know, it's a second threads, so what it? This merits it)

    The defensive players grew from last week. The offensive players did not. The number of transfer QBs over the last couple of years is a vote of no-confidence from the players. The offensive players aren't growing except for their own innate talent (like Boykin). The game is on the line and the offense is not even on the same page - UNACCEPTABLE!

    We owe it to our players, who have amazing talent. They need to be able to grow. Until we can pass and catch we will never get back to our former glory..!
  2. Was honestly thinking this about Duggan earlier this morning. I think he’ll be a good one but it will be dependent on his own ability to get there. This staff has shown ZERO and I do mean absolutely ZERO ability to actually develop talent.
  3. Agreed, Duggan deserves better, he's a seriously talented player! He has heart. He just needs a mentor who can actually develop his talent.
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  4. Get a clue the source is Patterson it's time for this AD who backed into this job to handle up.
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  5. This is the most frustrating year for TCU football in recent memory. Kiss a bowl game goodbye as we will not beat Tech in Lubbock and there is no chance of defeating OU. Cumbie deserves criticism, but let's not beat around the bush any longer. Max Duggan is a running QB. His accuracy is terrible. And, as Mike Leach said, you can't teach accuracy. He's played 8 full games and is actually getting worse. At this point, if Baldwin is healthy enough to go, get him some experience without losing a year of eligibility. We only have 3 games left. If Duggan is our starter next year, it will be much of the same despite the OC.
  6. In 2020, the Frogs are going to be in dire need of an eligible transfer QB.
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  7. Duggan doesn't have an accuracy problem. He has an anticipation problem. He's receivers have a problem catching the ball. The whole offense has a problem of being on the same page. All of those problems can look like an accuracy problem, but are actually a coaching problem.
  8. His accuracy is terrible? Dude, really? For a true freshman, he’s not the problem.

    The problem is Cumbie, and CGP shouldn’t have given him an extra year, we all knew where this was headed.

    Every year, it’s the same thing, count on our D and pray that our O gets lucky and actually gets their schiesse together. That is not a strategy.
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  9. And for the record, Duggan is the next Dalton, IF you give him a good supporting OC...
  10. No one seems to notice how bad our o-line is. Can't block for squat when we're rushing and couldn't stop a 3 man rush.
  11. Agreed, that doesn't help. The loss of Lucas was HUGE... However, that doesn't explain why the run plays are all to the right..? Actually, that begs the question...
  12. This is one you will want to retract
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  13. You are a scheissing idiot.
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  14. ENTIRE Offensive Staff, except maybe Luper, needs to go. If Patterson doesn't make changes this off season, then it's time he starts getting more scrutiny going forward. 500 Type Seasons back to back are no longer acceptable at TCU.
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  15. Those of you who can't admit that Duggan is part of the problem have purple blinders on. I'm not saying it's all on him, but I will say with extreme confidence that he is not the next Dalton or Boykin.

    QBR for the season 69.9
    Last 2 games
    14 of 32 vs Baylor (43.8%)
    21 of 39 vs Oklahoma State (53.8%)
    6 INTs in the last 2 games
    Multiple fumbles against SMU to basically hand them the game

    He had good games against Arkansas Pine Bluff, Kansas, and Texas. The rest were trash. And I could argue Texas 4 INTs were the reason we beat them anyway. Duggan doesn't get intimidated but he cannot put the ball on the receivers' hands with consistency. There have been drops but there have been lots of high throws and floaters. Not to mention stupid decisions...
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  16. When the defense knows better than you do what you’re going to do, then you can blame WRs for running boring stop routes and go routes they know the HC has said not to throw, and repeated run up the middle to to Sewo hoping not to lose three yards.

    How about on the goal line we bring in extra OL and FBs. We run a WR in motion and think that is mixing it up.
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  17. Play calls are pitiful and poorly constructed and have been for 3 years.
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  18. Especially with so much pro talent. When the talk dries up, .500 ball will seem appealing
  19. It's time for a new era will this young AD w no experience do the right thing or just keep working on the east side expansion?
  20. Duggans fine.

    The scheme is trash. And I mean trash. I don’t care what the stats say, they don’t translate to wins.

    Cumbie basically did away with the perpetual passes out in the flat so there’s no reason to spread out to cover that anymore, there is zero down field threat, mainly because the offensive line is not good and Duggan has no time to get a ball down field.

    So no down field threat, nothing outside anymore. Wide receivers who can’t consistently catch.

    What’s left? Load the box, kill the run.

    Game was over before it started.

    GP did a good job patching this defense together today. Kids fought their asses off.

    Thank you for your service Cumbie and best of luck wherever you land next year.

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