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FBSchedules.com: SMU, TCU extend football series through 2024

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jan 16, 2021.

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    SMU, TCU extend football series through 2024

    By Kevin Kelley

    The SMU Mustangs and the TCU Horned Frogs have extended their football series through the 2024 season, according to SMU’s official website.

    The SMU-TCU football series was previously announced through the 2021 season, with this year’s game scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 25 at TCU’s Amon G. Carter Stadium in Fort Worth, Texas.

    SMU was scheduled to play at TCU during the 2020 season, but the game was canceled due to the novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Instead of skipping the game in Fort Worth and playing in Dallas in 2021, the series was pushed back one season.

    Read more at https://fbschedules.com/smu-tcu-extend-football-series-through-2024/
  2. I'm ok with playing SMU. I do know I'm in the minority. Go Frogs!
  3. I'm ok with playing them too. What I don't like is playing both SMU and an FCS team every year, but Gary is going to Gary.
  4. I am fully on board with playing SMU every year.
  5. Don’t care one way or the other.
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  6. I know many feel like SMU is “beneath” TCU, but this is a long-standing rivalry that makes good sense for both schools.

    The Hilltoppers are improving, and they’re a more challenging opponent than they were a few years ago, but the close proximity creates an inexpensive road game, and probably boosts attendance by comparison to scheduling UH or Rice.

    Besides - I still enjoy bustin’ their chops over and over...

    Go Frogs!
  7. I like reminding them where we are and where they are.
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  8. Lots of history. Lots.

    Doak Walker never beat TCU in a varsity game.
  9. Neither did Don Meredith, if I recall correctly.

    One tie, but no varsity wins with Dandy Don under center.

    Go Frogs!
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  10. The only reason to play UH or Rice in Houston, is to play in Houston. I suppose there is some local interest in UH and Rice, and some additional Houston exposure should happen.

    The only reason to play SMU in Dallas is to have an almost-home game. As SMU improves, maybe they'll attract another few dozen fans. It'll be less convenient for TCU visitors to get tickets, I suppose, but TCU can still put a lot of people in their stadium.

    It wouldn't bother me much to play a game in Houston and a game in Dallas somewhat regularly. It also wouldn't bother me to play a game at Texas State or at UTSA now and then, as a gesture and reach-out to TCU fans in Austin and San Antonio and thereabouts. Not to mention, to get a little media attention in areas with an awful lot of high school players. Maybe not as many as the Houston area, but some good ones nevertheless.

    ED: With that line of thinking, maybe TCU should schedule Tulane now and then. Lots of players around there, and our fans get a chance to visit N.O.
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  11. Liked for "a few dozen fans."
  12. I hate driving to Dallas.
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  13. Especially for those Friday night games we seem to always have against them.
  14. Me too and I live in Rockwall.
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  15. TV money, I suspect....
  16. Frog attendance in Dallas has significantly decreased the last three games.
  17. SMU use to be one of our only close out of town games so we usually had a good crowd over there. Now that we are in the Big 12 and we go to Austin, Waco, Norman, etc. going to Dallas for the SMU game is not that big of a deal.
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    I love the game. And for those that think the game is “beneath us”, in the 60’s - 80’s they went on a stretch where they won 15 in a row and 19 out of 21. We were SO beneath them. It ebbs and flows. Let’s enjoy it now while we are kicking their ass!
  19. I agree until the last sentence....Without a 2020 game, the last game...and therefore most likely perception among many...2019 game leads many to believe those ass-kicking days have ended and SMU is the dominant of the two teams....Only a 10+point win in 2021 (if there is a season) will restore the image of TCU being well-above and ahead of SMU....The doubt about 2021 season is based on CDC and other medical entities indicating that it may be until October before there is appreciable success against Corona....

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