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FanNation: Houston Texans Sign TCU LB Garret Wallow To $3.77 Million Contract

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, May 16, 2021.

  1. Houston Texans Sign TCU LB Garret Wallow: $3.77 Million Contract

    Originally posted on FanNation Texans Daily

    By Anthony Wood

    The Houston Texans traded up twice to acquire TCU linebacker Garret Wallow with the 170th overall pick in the recent NFL Draft ... and now they've signed him to a deal.

    The fifth-round rookie linebacker has his four-year, $3.775,884 million rookie contract, that includes a $295,884 signing bonus.

    Said coach David Culley during the weekend rookie minicamp: 'He's a football player. He is a "flat-out football-playin' Jesse,'' an old term from the South.'

    Read more at https://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/arti...wallow_377_million_contract/s1_16682_34916876
  2. Just got paid today.
    Got me a pocket full of change.
  3. Deeeeeep Pockets! He can buy a lot of gumbo with that scratch
  4. I hear frog club has already called to ask for a suite donation
  5. less than $1mm a year? Doesn't seem great.
  6. 5th round pick so it’s not like there’s a wide range.

    Only signing bonus looks to be guaranteed
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  7. I think it was at halftime of the 2010 Rape U. game that Aaron Schobel was named a "Frog of Distinction" or somesuch, and was down on the field for the award. I think they made it up in a hurry because Schobel was dressed in pretty casual clothes. Anyway, CDC was evidently explaining the upcoming project of re-doing the Stadium and suites and all in his best Showman and Salesman style to Schobel, who wasn't buying the song and dance...
  8. What do you do for a living?
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  9. This is for those who say UDFA is better than a 5-7 round draft pick
  10. I agree with you but there’s not a huge difference. Believe you need to be on the roster for 4 seasons before you get the lifetime pension and medical.

    not sure if being on IR on PUP counts towards the 4 years
  11. political commentary contributor for this site
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  12. lol, was I hating on NFL linebackers? I'm just surprised he is getting under $1mm/yr, is that really so unreasonable?
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  13. I don't know what 5th round LBrs typically make, but my initial thought was surprised he signed a contract that size, in a positive light.
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  14. Isn't everyone that posts in the pit?
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  15. Wait, we get paid for that?
  16. I get random misdirected political texts from moveon.org. I looked them up and saw where they pay people by the hour to be SJW / influencers on social media. I’m sure other orgs do it as well. We have a couple of posters that make me go hmmm...
  17. I bet he's making more money per year than everyone else in his graduating class at TCU.
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  18. Is that what you do w a masters degree in gender studies?
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  19. You too?
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  20. TM not graduate?

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