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Fall camp thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. No, Chris Bradley did
  2. Believe so, and I, along with a lot of others, regret it. What a talent to begin with but that injury may prove to be too much to overcome and be successful at Power 5 level. He's not mentioned much anymore, would suspect he enters the portal either now or before Jan.

    A transfer to SMU would not be out of the question - they need someone - 3 pt. dogs to Arkansas State.
  3. I don't understand the idea that Rogers' injury will cause him to transfer. Will transferring suddenly heal him? If he's not in playing condition here then why would he be in playing condition at a different school? Is the warm climate in Texas holding him back?
  4. He isn’t going to transfer this year. But if Duggan ends up starting, then Rogers is looking at competing for a job where he is the older player but has three fewer years of actual football. If Delton starts all year then I would expect him to at least stay through spring and compete for the start with Baldwin and Duggan.

    Another thing to consider is that while GP doesn’t think he’s a go ... other coaches (rightly or wrongly) might disagree.
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  5. Rogers won't be a factor this year. We need to lock in with the 2 guys we have. Let's collapse pockets
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  6. I think he's 50-50. GP is not referencing his drop foot lately, just that he doesn't see the rush coming. He could start for SMU right now.
  7. This should help our cause. Sounds serious but hope he recovers.

  8. Obviously wrong, only TCU suffers major injuries
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  9. Maybe he was hurt most of last year too but I believe he ran for 34 yards. On the season. I doubt Purdue tries running a whole lot anyway.
  10. Why are so many trying to run off QB's? We still don't even have our starter yet.
  11. The sound of things lately from GP about him seeing the rush and a few other things tell me it's less about his mobility now and more about him not having played more than 2 snaps of football in 2 years. He was a junior in high school the last time he saw a lot of action.

    If playing experience after recovering from his injury is his deficit it won't get any better if he plays behind Duggan. I can see him seeking a transfer even to a smaller school just to get in games and get the game to slow down for him again.

    I really want him to stay and be successful at TCU, but I would understand if he chose to transfer.
  12. Yeah, I don't think it's all about the injury anymore. He was healthy enough to at least enter a game last year, hard to imagine 9 months later there's been no strength gained or no improvement at all to where he still isn't healthy enough to play. My guess is he just hasn't picked things up all that quickly. I don't know what system he played in in high school but if it was basically "drop back and if the first guy isn't open then take off and run" I could see how reading defenses at this level could be a major struggle.
  13. I don’t know anything about his high school system either, so I won’t throw out negative speculation about it. My guess is that after such a significant injury and rehab there is a significant mental / confidence rehab as well.
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  14. I don’t either but I’ve seen plenty of high school ball where that was the case, especially when the QB was a way better athlete than 95% of the kids on the field. It’s an effective offense at the high school level if you’ve got the talent. I wouldn’t doubt at all that like you said there’s also a mental hurdle he may not have crossed yet.
  15. Rogers is a redshirt Freshman who hasn’t really played football for about 2 years until those snaps in the Cheez It. Give the kid time before we claim his career is over. For all we know he ends up becoming the starter at some point this season.
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  16. Honest question ...... how much did he actually play in HS? Wasn’t there a QB at his school just before him who went to Ok St that we recruited as well?
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  17. Parkway sent 3 straight qb’s to D1. Brandon Harris (LSU, N.Car), Keondre Wudtee (OK St., N. Ariz), and then Justin. We were recruiting Wudtee when Cumbie discovered Justin coming up behind Wudtee. Justin started as a junior (I think). I’ve only seen video but it seems like his highlights were dominated by taking a shotgun snap and throwing it deep to Terrace Marshall, or taking off on a run.
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  18. You are right on and that's the rub - he has not played really but 1 full season and was a super star. He's loaded with talent but needs live scrimmage reps and lots of them, not 7 on 7. Will he get those reps this year, maybe not.

    One thing for sure, his Mom has gone silent - IMO, not a good sign.

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