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Fall camp thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. the only saving grace about our lack of LB depth is that it's happening before the season so we know about it and have time to make adjustments. In 15 we lost our 2 starting LB's the first night and constantly shifted guys the rest of the year. We know what we are up against
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  2. Another big thing that should help the LBs a ton will be the DT play of Blalock, Bentley, etc. They should have the space to move around because we should be double tough up front.
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  3. Lack of DE play may offset that a bit. Going to need Wallow to be the next great GP LB
  4. LB especially. How highly rated linebackers don’t line up to play in our defense is really something I don’t understand
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  5. Agreed. August is no time to scrap your offense
  6. Phil Steele released his six favorite teams to beat their win total. TCU's win total is 7.5

    Recent history shows that Gary Patterson always bounces back after a down year. Following a 4-8 season in 2013, TCU went 12-1 and just missed out on a College Football Playoff berth. After a 6-7 season in 2016, the Frogs climbed as high as No. 4 in the polls in 2017 before finishing 11-3. Last year TCU was one of the most injury-plagued teams in college football, losing 20 players for the season, including top defensive player defensive tackle Ross Blaylock before the season even started (16 others missed at least four games). TCU still managed to get to a bowl and finish 7-6.

    This year TCU ranks among my top units in seven of eight categories, including ranking as my No. 19 offensive line and No. 15 defensive line. I have TCU as an underdog in just one game and have three games rated as a toss-up. Even if TCU lost all four, that still adds up to eight wins. I have the Frogs as a surprise team this year and expect them to stay healthier, which should result in more wins.
  7. His prediction that we will stay healthier is the one I'm hoping for. As long as the QB position doesn't become a complete farce then injuries are the only thing that can keep this team under 9 wins imo.
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  8. Posted his northcoast picks on prediction thread and he has $20 on TCU to win Natty and $2k on Over wins, his highest wager on his board....
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  9. That’s easy enough. How many LBs do we have in the league? Two?
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  10. prior to this year? travin howard and jonathan anderson though i think anderson might not have been in the league last year.

    this year ty with the packers and johnson with seahawks though it is still a month until the season starts.

    i will say i am not counting guys like hughes and carraway who were defensive ends in college and olb's in the nfl.
  11. In 2017 Anderson got an injury settlement from the Bears and retained his rights. In 2018 - The Bears released him mid-season and he spent time on PS with the Giants and the Cardinals while he continued to work back from injury.
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  12. Johnson with the Seahawks??
  13. jawaun johnson, the no. illinois grad transfer last year.
  14. Totally missed him getting picked up

    Where did Dawson land?
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    Either injured or on a PS ATM.


    CFL league website has a link at the top for "Players"... Easily sorted by college. Make sure to look under TCU and Texas Christian (for some reason there are both). If they are active - Their current team will show in the 2nd column. If that space is blank - It means a team holds the player's rights.

    FWIW - Mat Boesen is the only Former Frog to put up any regular season stats in the CFL this year (but he is currently on IR).
  16. 5 days left in fall camp and then the mode switches to normal practice schedules. Two scrimmages left (Wed & Sat) and then expect the starting QB to be announced.

    Duggan: up & down and needs to take better care of the ball, strong arm and throws some bullets.

    Rogers: threw some nice deep balls and crisp passes overall but holds on to the ball too long.

    Delton: better at taking care of the ball, good mobility but not as crisp of a passer.

    Think taking care of the ball will win out especially with the weapons on the offense but it may be close.
  17. Collins is still a possible. GP said he would probably know by Wed. Rogers not seeing the rush good - 2 years of no quarterbacking is holding him back. GP didn't say anything about the mobility problem, just seeing the rush. Believe he comes on toward the end of the season. If Collins is cleared to play, we should be good to go with Delton/Collins.
  18. A couple of young guys I haven’t heard much about but am interested in how they are doing in fall camp.

    D. Holmes at LB - Depth being an issue, I would expect to be hearing more about him.

    Nook Bradford - Wonder How he’s picking things up.

    Vongor - Guy is a complete mystery since returning from last seasons camp injury. I assume he’s struggling to get back into form.

    Anyone have information on any of the young players above?
  19. QB decision is basically over.

    If Collins is back soon, I’d expect:
    1. Delton
    2. Collins
    3. Rogers
    4. Duggan (redshirt plan)

    If Collins has a long recovery:
    1. Delton
    2. Duggan
    3. Rogers

    We hope the season goes well enough to preserve a redshirt with Duggan and give Rogers hope to keep with TCU and healing up.
  20. How do you know such things? Isn't it closed practices? I'm guessing you have some sort of source or are you the source?

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