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Etheredge leaving baseball staff....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. Don't blame him especially if it was something he couldn't pass up. Joke that they only have two paid assistants for baseball.
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  2. no different than the scholarship limits on the sport itself
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  3. Same with most sports - below is a table on what I could find for paid coaching positions, note it is TOTAL - 3= 1 head coach + 2 assistants.

    Baseball 3
    Basketball, Men 4
    Basketball, Women 4
    Field Hockey 3
    Football 11
    Golf, Men 2
    Golf, Women 2
    Lacrosse, Men 3
    Lacrosse, Women 3
    Rowing, Women 3
    Soccer, Men 3
    Soccer, Women 3
    Softball 3
    Swimming and Diving, Men 3
    Swimming and Diving, Women 3
    Tennis, Men 2
    Tennis, Women 2
    Cross Country/Track and Field, Men 3
    Cross Country/Track and Field, Women 3
    Volleyball, Women 3
    Water Polo, Men 2
    Water Polo, Women 2
    Wrestling 3
  4. Giving the number of players on the team, it seems crazy that baseball gets less than basketball.
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  5. It seems that way because it is crazy. Beyond dumb.
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  6. Baseball is easily the 3rd most entertaining and popular sport on that list....yet it is easily the most neglected.

    Darning NCAA...its almost like they want to see baseball NOT grow. It could be a monster cash cow for everyone if we had more scholarships and good coaches.
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  7. There are plenty of good coaches in college baseball. And there are plenty of lousy ones as well. There are some real bafflers at some levels of NCAA baseball and even more baffling S&C programs. But there's at least two reasons why baseball only has three coaches allocated. One of these is economic.
  8. It could be a cash cow for them as well.
  9. Who is expecting the NCAA to be rational?

    Raise your hand...

  10. How much does ESPN pay them for the Regionals, Super and the College World Series?
  11. You'll notice that my hand is not raised but my middle finger is extended towards the NCAA offices, not that they care
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  12. I don't know how much the schools make for the regionals, Super regionals and World Series but you need to know that there is a hosting fee that the school pays to the NCAA for the privilege of hosting one. I'm not sure how much that fee is but can tell you that the NCAA "officials" walk around like they own the place, sit in suites that they haven't been invited to sit in and generally act like the game is about them and not the schools actually playing it.

    In Case you haven't guessed I am not an NCAA fan
  13. Worked the D3 softball World Series a few years ago and the NCAA personnel are some of the biggest clowns I’ve ever had the pleasure to be around. My buddy told one of them that the event wouldn’t run without the “volunteers”. That NCAA women didn’t like that comment much.
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  14. At a regional in Austin several years ago an NCAA official told the entire MLB scout section (there too see a RHP from Stanford who went in the top 10 picks in the draft a week or so later) of maybe 30 guys that they weren’t allowed to use radar guns during regional games. It went over poorly. Needless to say no one put their guns away.
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  15. The NCAA is like a poor man's IOC or FIFA. Utterly useless blowhards who constantly circle jerk each other in opulent places using other people's money and govern sports/events/leagues in a way that preserves their power at the expense of the quality we are entertained by on the field.

    Darn em. No wonder they didn't come down hard on Baylor. There is little difference between the way the NCAA operates and that bastion of corruption south of us.
  16. mansfield?
  17. I agree with your assessment of the NCAA, but they haven't leveled the penalties on Baylor yet.
  18. I really hate the way they make you run a regional. The host School is not allowed to use walk-up music for each player player and if you noticed the scoreboard or video board we'll not have the players pictures or stats displayed while he is at-bat.

    I get the fact that they're trying to create a neutral environment but I don't how that is possible when you have a host school with a rabid fan base, who is going to yell and cheer for their team.
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  19. They are bureaucrats. You just described all bureaucrats to a “T”. Most of them couldn’t hold a private sector job if their lives depended on it.
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