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Ertz is out

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. I hope Ertz has a full recovery.

    GO FROGS!!
  2. Thats bad for us. His backup is better.
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  3. I agree, but only having to prepare for one QB is HUGE
  4. So based on a couple series in Austin he's better than the guy that absolutely torched us last year in FW..... OK.
  5. When did he go out at the Texas game?
  6. KSU fans say it changes their offense from 50/50 run/pass to 70/30 run/pass.
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  7. He runs fast, you know
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  8. His back up is the better runner, but I am not sure if he can throw nearly as well. Might develop into a Michael Bishop type player sometime.

    Maybe Delton was nervous, maybe he needed some work, but when he was put in passing situations he couldn't make the plays against UT. KState put Ertz back in at the end of regulation to specifically throw the ball.

    Big deal here is the Frogs have an idea who is playing and what to expect.
  9. Jeremiah Kerley?
  10. The best DL ever at TCU will keep him in check
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  11. Damn straight. After kicking butt in the NFL, KState will be nothing for Hughes to handle.
  12. Life is much more difficult for the backup when a team has a week to prepare. We will have a game plan in place for him unlike UT who had a game plan for Ertz.
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  13. You never know what the hell a backup might do but I'll put my money on the DL containing the run enough to force them to throw it more than they want to and GP getting in his head when they do.
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  14. Makes sense. That's why the Wizard didn't start him in the first place.
  15. Newy is in the wrong Manhattan.
  16. I bet GP will spy him just like he did Snead and UT two years ago at ACS. Make him pass it instead of running.
  17. KSU's offensive line isn't as good as OSU or WVU and we're far better against the run.

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  18. Snead? Jevan Snead hasn't played at Texas in quite a few years. Jerrod Heard maybe? Tyrone Swoopes?

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