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Enjoy the spring sale?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. sorry that I had to missing as I always had a great time going there

    Very disappointed in the lack of response fromADJD to my email last week

    Del Conte,Morrison and even Eric Hyman would have taken the time to reply. I can take no for answer but being ignored, not so much
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  2. Our AD resides in Austin now!!!
  3. What did you ask him?
  4. Saw ADJD at Main Street Arts Fest with his family this weekend.

    Man runs a huge organization, it’s a busy time of year, and he can’t reasonably be expected to respond to every single complaint he receives. You may or may not get a response, but I’m sure he’ll take it into consideration as they review how the sale went.

    I’m glad he’s making time for his young family. In the grand scheme, the spring sale logistics complaint doesn’t matter.
  5. Del Conte was very good at returning calls and emails.
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  6. In the end, didn't they only sell 1 spot to the front of the line? not sure it was worth all the uproar.
  7. Yes he was
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  8. One to the front of the line but I think you could buy your way up in line as well

    I may have misunderstood. Still ticks me off that ADJD. FAiled to respond
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  9. From a donor perspective, I can tell you ADJD is much more of a DeLoss than he is a Del Conte. That has positives and negatives, it is what it is.
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  10. The other KF.c tagline.
  11. I agree with you that young family is a priority, and glad he's seeing to it. But disagree when you say that complaints don't matter. For most people in high places, from Chancellor on down, complaints do matter.
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  12. More steak, less sizzle?
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  13. I follow the TCU Equipment twitter account and was there at 6 am with one of my grandsons.

    Other than the $1000 grab bag and the one $150 first slot in line I never saw anything from the TCU Equipment team offering an additional way to move up

    and I never saw anyone move up past Ryann and the people that got there dawn that were at the front with chairs.

    Maybe someone did but if so, it definitely wasn't a bunch - since generally the only people coming in and out were getting coffee - and definitely did not have anyone walk past the entire line at 8 am.

    Maybe they came in from another entrance if that happened.

    I guess Ryann would know better than anyone since they seemed to be near if not the front of the line.
  14. Definitely more bourbon
  15. Deloss rose UT up to some incredible heights. I’m excited about this comparison.
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  16. I think I mentioned this before, but what is the big draw for this event? Are people looking for things they can wear for themselves or things to keep as memorabilia?

    I'd like to get a white helmet or whatever to have certain players and GMFP sign, but I'm under the understanding that you can't bring personal items in for them to sign at the Meet the Frogs events. I've had GP sign a cap bill before, but that's it as far as personal items because they "say" you can't bring outside items in for autographs.

    Haven't worn that cap since it was signed and haven't tried to sell it, either. Not my style.

    Learned my lesson with a Jim Sundberg autographed baseball as a youngster. Had no other ball to play catch with, so I ruined that keepsake.
  17. Yes, but I would warn you that there are UT alumni today, donors who give tens of thousands every year and will leave the University millions from their estates, who would have him killed on the spot if they knew the man to do it. Even after the Patterson era which was a colossal disaster, many still don't regret ousting DeLoss.

    Again, positives and negatives, but you aren't wrong that folks that are more BIG MONEY minded and, for lack of a better phrase, Big Swinging "blank" mentalities, can help push institutions way beyond their conceivable potential.
  18. I think Donati just tweeted:
    “Because it’s our leftover crap that we wanna sell...”
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  19. I went to get things for myself but also found things for my wife and young son. If you have a middle or high schooler, you can find some really great deals on apparel and athletic gear. I picked up 3 pair of athletic shorts, 3 warm up bottoms, a long sleeve t, a baseball helmet for 50 inch frog, a visor, a pair of slides, a golf shirt, a rain jacket, a vest, some women’s tights, a hoodie and some baseballs for $232. I really wanted some shoes but there was slim pickings on the size 14s. I’d say I made out like a bandit.
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  20. Liked for “50 inch frog”
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