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Elan McCall no longer on the TCU Volleyball roster

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by crankuptheenolagay, Dec 19, 2019.

  1. Sad if true. Afedo Manyang, whose poster was missing in the NIVC tournament game against Colgate is still listed on the roster.
  2. That’s below average.
  3. How many stars did she have?
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  4. Muck article/column/piece of boat tomorrow for sure....
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  5. For this team...all of them.
  6. I'd bench Cron... just to be safe.
  7. The last few years I have not really kept up with the VB team as much as I probably should. A couple of years ago we seemed to have an upward trajectory but the news has seemingly trended negative since last season. For someone in the know, what is the synopsis of what is going on with all the player defections?
  8. Not enough puppet videos.
  9. Obviously. But, besides that?
  10. I was today years old when I learned that this person was ever on the TCU volleyball roster.
  11. I still don’t get why wr can’t be good at this sport. We get good players and then they transfer. Adams is a beast, and soon, she too will transfer.
  12. It's against the rules to catch the ball in that sport so sometimes they get confused.

    Which actually should play in the favor of our wr's.
  13. Do you know something? IMO Adams is easily the player with the most upside potential. Clark is real solid and maybe Nalls can develop into a good player. The setter is good and should only get better but unless she hits another growth spurt (doubtful) or gets another 12” of lift, we’re gonna have a rotational challenge.
  14. I’ve only watched one TCU volleyball game in my life. It was the game against Texas last year on Fox sports Southwest where we lost at the last second, so to speak.

    The chick that this thread is about was incredible. She was a freshman and was arguably the best player for either team (and she was also pretty dang good looking...)

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  15. Why do our fans have an obsession with checking rosters everyday? Are they utilizing Excel or doing it from memory?
  16. Technically every volleyball match is lost at the last second.
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  17. We should be looking at 2021 being a really good year. Instead Dilfer leaves last year and now McCall. Kinda sucks.
  18. Must have gotten a grade to be taken in rounds 1-2 instead of going back to school
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  19. I imagine that tuition price is a factor like it is for all the other sports where full scholarships don’t go to every player. Even a partial scholarship isn’t enough for a lot of families.

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