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Early Full 2019 Football Season Game by Game Odds

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by LVH, May 6, 2019.

  1. Do not ask where I got these, just be glad I am posting them.

    Non TCU games of interest:

    LSU -7.5 at Texas
    Houston +31.5 at Oklahoma
    Oklahoma -8 at UCLA
    Iowa PK at Iowa State
    West Virginia +17.5 at Missouri
    NC State -1.5 at West Virginia
    Kansas State +19.5 at Mississippi State
    Texas Tech +1.5 at Arizona
    Oklahoma State -14.5 at Oregon State
    Kansas +18 at Boston College
    Texas A&M +15 at Clemson
    Alabama -11.5 at Texas A&M
    Notre Dame +8.5 at Georgia
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  2. Whatever random betting house you got that from thinks we are an 8-9 win football team next year...I’ll be honest given what we return I think anything less than 9 would be disappointing..
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  3. Wasn’t there a book offering an o/u of 5.5 wins for us just a few weeks ago?
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  4. No one I know of, whether here in Las Vegas or offshore, is offering win totals yet.

    I think our win total will open at a juiced 8 or a balanced 8.5
  5. I agree with you

    Right now we are heavily favored in 3 games, decent favorites in 4 games, coin flip favorites in 1 game, slight dogs in 3 games, and heavy dogs in 1 game.

    I think if we can find a good, consistent QB whoever that may be, those slight dogs can turn into toss ups or slight favorites. I think that is the only missing piece of this team
  6. I'd take the over in a heartbeat at the tune of my retirement! So, about $6500. Really, I don't know what that number is.
  7. I concur. QB and add in field goals are the big question marks.
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  8. Yeah wake me when I know our qb situation when we head to Iowa State for Oct. 5.
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    These lines look WILDLY inflated...

    -69.5 vs Pine Bluff? Are you kidding? I’ve never seen a line that high...and Bama plays an FCS team at least once a year.

    -5.5 vs Purdue is at least a point-and-a-half higher than what it will actually be. And I’d argue we actually see closer to 2 or 3.

    I can go down the list but it’s be a waste of time. Suffice to say these won’t reflect anything close to the lines we’ll actually get.
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  10. That Purdue line seems reasonable to me. They're losing the best pieces from a team who wasn't very good last year. They played one amazing game and the rest of the season was a mixture of good and very bad.
  11. Purple-tinted glasses there. Our teams aren’t too different from the description you gave.

    Agree with Bumpstache, line will be closer to even, maybe 3 pts for us depending on Purdue game against Nevada
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  12. No purple glasses here and Purdue returns one player worth a damn on offense and lost a ton on defense as well. Their OL is a huge question mark as well as QB which plays into our strengths.
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  13. We run run run Purdue off the field and when they clog the middle....Reagor time.
  14. I’d take OU -8 at UCLA all day
  15. Give me Kansas and 27 points and I will take TCU and 17.5 points against OU all day.
  16. I don't think so. You're over-rating Purdue IMO. They have way more problems than TCU does on both sides of the ball. I'll be surprised if they score a TD and I'll be surprised if we don't score in double digits even with last year's offense.

    I've seen a lot of folks here anxious about that game based solely on the Purdue performance against tOSU. I watched several of their games after that win and they were not good. At all. And most of their best players are gone.
  17. Did they keep that somewhat small but super electric slotback jack of all trades kid they have? He’s legit. But I feel as some others have stated that he is really their only weapon (if he’s still with the team that is...?)
  18. I’m not over-rating Purdue. Jeff Brohm is a solid offensive coach who is just getting things started at Purdue.

    We have yet to see proof of a solution to our QB issue. I’m hopeful for Rogers, but yet to be seen.

    The big question for 2019 is can we score points? We did not in 2018. Maybe our defense can score like they have in years past.
  19. Believe that was Rondell Moore. I think he's their only returner worth a damn. Certainly an impressive player, but I don't see him destroying our defense without another threat on offense to keep us honest. They move him all over the field to get him the ball, but we have enough speed everywhere to keep him in check. Also, as amazing as he was in some games (tOSU in particular) he seemed to disappear at other times, which proves he can be contained. IIRC he was a freshman last year, though, so he definitely may improve.
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  20. Yes Moore. Freshman last year from Texas. He was the one I referenced as the only offense player worth a damn returning.

    Edit: what purp said
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