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Dumb Question re: TV Revenue

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Smellslikeroses, Aug 13, 2020.

  1. I just pray we make it that far to see how it all gets handled.
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  2. I bet the Longhorn network is flourishing with all those reruns.
  3. that has already been made known by some carriers though we don't know how expensive because we still don't know how much they will be on the hook for the covid

    number of lawsuits in the uk that will go a long way in providing an idea just how big the losses could be this year for some carriers
  4. Yes, and the winner will be ranked in the top 5 the next day.
  5. Would there potentially be more money for the B12, SEC, and ACC if they spread the games out Wednesday - Saturday for more national TV exposure? In a year like this TCU - Tenn Tech might get pretty good ratings.
  6. There is no doubt that the tv networks will WANT that but I'm pretty sure these conferences have contractual stipulations that limit the number of week night games. So I doubt there is an increase in those conference's week night games. There may well be more AAC, CUSA, and Sun Belt those nights. I believe their contracts are a little more flexible on that type of thing.

    I doubt ESPN would be willing to fork out a significant amount of money to make it worthwhile for those bigger conferences to do that. They can get the smaller schools on there easier and they will need all the Saturday content they can get anyway.
  7. curious who gets first call on the games.

    fox was the primary network for the big 12, pac, and i believe some big 10 games. two of those are off the table which leaves the big 12 to fill games on fox, fox sports 1, and i have no idea what the fox regionals are going to show.

    infomercials? high school games? espn has the cornhole league locked down and i am not sure if darts will be returning anytime soon.
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  8. Rose and Sugar are semi-finals this year. I believe the rose festival (ie parade etc) has already been cancelled.

    I think it’s 50/50 at best that we are playing football in October. But even assuming we get through a season, I’ll still be shocked if we have bowl games outside of semis and the championship. Best case scenario would be playing all of the NY6.
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  9. [Debbie Downer gif]
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  10. It’s in California, it won’t be played!
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  11. 50/50 AT BEST? Do you know how best case scenarios work?

    I say at best there is a 100% chance we get through the season, Frogs will be 10-0 #1 seed in the playoff and win the national championship. THAT is a best case scenario my friend.
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  12. Guessing the contracts just obligate the schools to provide a game and obligate the network to pay for broadcasting rights. Probably a force majeure /acts of god clause to protect both parties for stuff like a tornado cancels a game and I think could cover covid as well. For the most part gotta figure if the game can’t be rescheduled the money just goes away. Also guessing if B12 plays their full conference schedule they should be eligible for their full share.
  13. And, participating in the Rose Bowl, while the traditional PAC and B1G sit this season out, would be like icing on the cake.
  14. If they are hurting for content, it would be kinda cool to do a multi-cast like they do for the playoffs.

    I mean there’s 28 P5 head coaches who are free to do round tables each week now.
  15. I think there’s a better than 10% chance the B10 and PAC 12 play this fall once the cases don’t spike in September.
  16. Having purchased pressured air time for ads before, depending what is in the contracts, much of which we don't know, it is possible for increased revenues from that side. Just depends if the conf side has options on any of that ... AND as you mentioned ... how it would trade off against loss of games .

    Guessing loss of games is a bigger number.

    Next round of tv contract talks should be a lot of fun after all this craziness.
  17. True. But he failed to say dumb question even for this board.
  18. That's already 19 games a week if all three play a full schedule. Do the two bye weeks fall on the same weeks for everyone?

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