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Dumb Question re: TV Revenue

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Smellslikeroses, Aug 13, 2020.

  1. Anyone have knowledge about what happens to TV revenue assuming Big 12, SEC and ACC are the only ones that play? Do those conferences get more and the others get less/nothing?

    Just curious is anyone had any knowledge on those deals...
  2. why would a league that isn't playing get paid for games that aren't broadcast?
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  3. He did preface it by saying it was a dumb question…
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    true, though the idea that the acc, big 12, and sec could have more games aired to fill network demand and any fiscal benefit aside from enhanced exposure is an interesting question
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  5. Short answer: I don't think anyone knows.

    Long answer: I'm sure there's already been discussions between the conferences that cancelled and their tv partners, and they'll work something out.
  6. I highly doubt the conferences playing will get more money just because the others aren't playing. In fact it's possible that even the conferences who do play will get less money since they're playing fewer games.

    To your point, though, it will mean exponentially more exposure for the teams playing. You could have a Tech/Kansas game on prime time ESPN just because of a lack of options. TCU vs Tennessee Tech could be 7 pm on Fox because the Big 12 is the only Fox partner playing games.

    I also wonder if ESPN or FS1 will try to get some Big 12 or SEC games played in the central time zone to start at 9 pm since there will be no PAC or MWC games to fill that late night slot. Because who wouldn't want to stay up past midnight for Vandy @ Arkansas?
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  7. I don’t know who wouldn’t like that. I like Vandy -3.
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  8. That was my thought, too. But I didn’t know if there were minimum guarantees or something.
  9. if fox doesn't have pac 12 games and the other west coast conference games to fill the time slots you would have to think they fill those slots with big 12 games or replays of games earlier played that day which raises the question which would be better, 11:00 am in august or 10:00pm?
  10. Right now, I think most of us would watch that game if it started at 2:30 am
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  11. Depends on what time the wedding that Maniac has to go to that day starts.
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  12. ESPN will be airing Michigan / Ohio State reruns at 11 am
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  13. Wonder if there is any insurance or force majeure in play to cover for espn or the universities
  14. Yeah, but nowadays, seems like the dumbest questions turn out to be the most important of all, with the dumbest answers turning out to be reality.
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  15. I think it's unlikely, because they would have jumped at the payout. Wimbledon and the British Open did have infectious disease clauses in the insurance policies, and they quickly pulled the trigger on those events.

    I'm willing to bet those kinds of clauses are in the next round of agreements, or that schools will purchase insurance policies.
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  16. ...and these polices will become EXPENSIVE.
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  17. The Big 12 will not make more money because the Big 10 and Pac 12 are not playing. Those two conferences will be making no money unless they play in the Spring. Playing in the Spring if that happens will probably be at a reduced rate.
  18. Here is a thought for you...

    The ACC/SEC/Big XII are going to split up the money from the Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, Cotton, Peach, and Orange Bowls plus the CFP championship game. Bowl games are a business and they are going to want that money.

    Let that sink in....
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  19. It will be interesting to see what the Rose Bowl does because of their "traditional match up" between the Big 10 and Pac 12. Do they put that aside to give them a better chance at having a game or bet on Spring football?
  20. Maybe a New Years Day game as scheduled and then a Memorial Day 2021 version?

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