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Doesn’t Seem Like 18 Years

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Hoosierfrog, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. I was in 8th grade when it happened and my clearest memory is of one of my teachers telling us that if Truman were president, Afghanistan would already have been nuked off the map
  2. An individual parent decision—I would recommend if you do, include something else, like this not so much as a counter but to show even among horror & terror, brave & true people can still arise.

  3. ...and when you did hear an occasional military plane, it would scare the perjeebers out of you.
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and [Baylor asshoe] & terrorist!!
  4. No, I pretty much just wanted her to understand the magnitude of that one event. It requires no added context.
  5. I put my girlfriend, now wife, on a AA 767 to Chicago that left 7:30 am or so. She worked PR for AA and was going to Chicago hub for meetings. At the moment after the Twin Towers planes the news was reporting that all large planes from aqll major cities were targeted. I thought I lost her. Her Plane was diverted to Kansas City. TV news crews found out a AA person who possibly had info was coming in. She was greeted by TV crews at gate and she had no comments of course. Did not hear from her for many hours.

    I shut the law office down and went home. Filled up with gas at the Medellin Texaco on Camp Bowie who raised prices to like $6/gallon.

    Finally got her back to FW when she took a rental car back with some Sprint Corp employees from Keller who she meet at the hotel. Crammed 5 people into a compact car with luggage.
  6. We were probably close to one another. I saw the report of the first plane leaving the cafeteria for my lab. They cancelled classes not long after the Pentagon was hit if I recall correctly.

    I remember my mom called me in a panic saying I need to come home where it was safe.
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    I was in Alexandria, VA and in ear-shot of the Pentagon "crash." Since there is a ridge that runs from south of Alexandria (starting at Telegraph Hill, it is said this was the "inspiration point" for the Cmas song "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem." That's another story.) to Rosslyn (Arlington Ridge) where it meets the Potomac River. (R E Lee's Arlington "Custis-Lee" Mansion- & the JFK grave are on the ridge.) It is breeched in two places with significant "creeks" but it formed a sound barrier that day. I didn't hear a thing.

    I was in stalemate that morning, what to do? So I just played it kool - I went over to my brother's house and it was just TV for days. 9-11 did impact my business in the short term. The whole DC area was in complete shock!

    The target of the Pentagon AA flight from Dulles was the White House. The Pres was in Tampa but can you imagine if they (the bad guys) took it out. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the dumbo terrorists running the show couldn't find the WH since from the west at lower altitude the Old Executive office Bldg blocks the view of the WH. (Officially, it's the "D D Eisenhower" Bldg, a tallish Beaux Arts structure that has traditionally be where the YP's office resided.)

    Something that many people don't know that at the time the Pentagon was on a 5-year reconstruction program, Each year one of the five "sides" were worked on. The "hit" side at the time had just completed it's update and many of the offices were just moving back in that Sep 2001. The death toll there would have been MUCH HIGHER had another of the 5 sides been hit. A tiny bit of luck or fortune. Not to discount the lives lost. It was a terrible thing!

    One other thing, and it's the truth. I drove past the Pentagon on the Sat prior (near the side that was "hit") and had the most foreboding feeling. Then on Tuesday I knew why.
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  8. Can’t believe it has been 18 years. I had an early morning appointment and was driving into work listening to Howard Stern. He immediately knew we were under attack. 5 fathers of children at my son’s school lost their lives. One of my best friends (a fellow Frog) had a meeting that morning in the Towers. He ended up one of those you saw walking across the bridges in the foggy ash. Always raise a glass to the fallen and the first responders each year.
  9. I detached from Special Operations Command in Tampa on 12 Sep 2001 amid the chaos and confusion, en route my last duty station - the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) in DC. My first day aboard was the memorial service for the 8 shipmates who were killed in the Pentagon. The plane hit the office of the Director of Naval Intelligence and the ONI detachment supporting him was devastated. Please take a moment for CDR Dan Shanower, LCDR Vince Tolbert, LT Jonas Panik, LT Darin Pontell, Petty Officer 1stClass Julian Cooper, Angela Houtz, Brady Howell, and Gerard Moran. Thank you.
    I wear this pin every 9/11.
    2019-09-11 20.54.34.jpg
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  10. A lot of dust in this thread.
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  11. It is absolutely breathtaking. I couldn't form my words...just mumbled something to my wife about it. In some ways it seems like yesterday and others it feels like a hundred years ago. 9/11 is always a rough day for me and I hope that never changes.
  12. Never forget where you were.

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  13. As a born and raised NYer, my home will never be the same after 9/11. I lost my former high school boyfriend who worked for Cantor Fitzgerald and I would have lost my brother had he not taken a last minute vacation planned only 2 days prior to that fateful day (Worked in tower 2). Friends who worked for Merrill Lynch in a building adjacent to the towers watched people leap to their deaths. They will never be the same again. Such an unimaginable surreal day. One I will never forget.
  14. Dad was 14 when Pearl Harbor was attacked.

    He could describe coming home from church for Sunday lunch in Midland when the news came in over the radio.

    A vivid memory that brought a nation together.

    I wish we did not need such a horrible event to remind us that we have more in common than we have in our divisiveness.

    Land That I Love!
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  15. I still think of Barbara Olson calling husband Ted ( part of Bush staff) and asking for advise on what to do.
    She was on plane that crashed into Pentagon, and knew what was coming-- and scared out of her mind.
    Nothing Ted could do but talk to her. Dear God, that was heart-breaking and not ashamed to say I cried openly.
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