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Does anyone else get upset by our RBs running style

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by robbroyy, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. Why do the guys never just run it right up the middle? Whether it be Darius or Sewo they get to the line, plant their foot and either go left or right. We never let them get a head of steam and just plow straight ahead.

    Sewos 240 pounds and he dances like he’s 205. I think he’s going to have more success in the NFL than he does in college. We are not using his traits properly.

    And jet has straight away speed. It’s doing him no favors having to start and stop every run.
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  2. Agree 1000%! Cut out all the juke and jump BS.
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  3. We didn't fumble today, but my only concern is the team-wide, half-decade of inadequate ball security. I cringe when I watch backs and recievers toting the ball a foot away from the torso like they're trying to do basketball style ball fakes.
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  4. The same OL that can barely handle a 3 man rush isn't magically opening up big holes in the interior for running.
  5. I get mad watching one not block for squat and the other run laterally when he’s 6’3” 240lb.
  6. I don’t see sewo making it in the nfl-
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  7. Whatever happened to his felony drug arrest ?
  8. For sure. I think this leads to the backs dancing a bit. They keep looking for a hole to run through. Heck might be just better running down the line and if the hole aint there, don't wait, just stretch the play out.
  9. AD hasn't played a good game since the Purdue game. Sewo is a north south runner and strong. But man, we need to run the ball down Tech's throat.
  10. Neither Sewo or DA is going to be an NFL player for more than a preseason.
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  11. At this point, I worry about where JR would be ranked as a rcvr.
    Lots of drops by the whole squad though. And that is on coaching. Just sucks that these kids are not getting developed to their full potential. Hopefully Reagor gets some good prep on is own prior to the draft.
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  12. Anderson's numbers today were soooo bad. He danced more than he ran north and south. 31 yards on 12 carries is terrible.

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  13. You're fooling yourself if you think Sewo makes it a day in the NFL as a RB. Being of freakish athleticism does not equate to NFL, being the best at your craft does. Sewo is the fifth or sixth best RB on our roster. Wasted chance as a great DE. He plays because Sonny wants him to help with pass protection.

    DA does run through the cracks, when he gets in the game.

    Our top RBs are redshirting, or were until Barlow saw a play or two today. Great coaching.
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  14. He still can redshirt. He hasn’t played in four games. So the coaching was fine.
  15. See me in two more games. Was it worth it to get him in on one or two plays today? Is he our new kickoff guy? If so, then he's about to burn his redshirt.

    Do you think the coaches are good at math? Do you think it's worth it to burn a redshirt for a kickoff that really needs to be fair caught?
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  16. None of your questions have anything to do with my response.

    And, yes, I assume grown adults are good enough at math to count to 4.
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  17. I can't wait for the Barlow and Foster era.....throw in Richardson as well....
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  18. Can’t wait to see who the new OC is in that era.
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  19. Lol!! The trainer his family pays money to thinks otherwise. I agree with you
  20. The long Sewo run was telling. A very similar size comparison is Derrick Henry. There’s no way Henry gets caught once he breaks into open field like that. Zero top end speed for Sewo

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