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DMN: What happens when you run out of bodies? TCU is closer to finding out than it'd like to be

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. What happens when you run out of bodies? Gary Patterson's TCU is closer to finding out than it'd like to be

    By Chuck Carlton, Staff Writer
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    FORT WORTH -- When injuries hit, Gary Patterson has always preached the next-man-up philosophy.

    Except what happens when you run out of men? No, that has hasn't happened for the TCU coach this year, at least not yet.

    But heading into Saturday's game at Big 12 co-leader West Virginia and Heisman candidate Will Grier, TCU is going through a run of injuries that Patterson hasn't seen in 18 years as a head coach:

    Read more at https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/co...s-gary-pattersons-tcu-closer-finding-itd-like
  2. Major takeaway from article:

    "Patterson said about 35 players have missed four or more games so far this season. -- Serious or season-ending injuries are in the teens, approaching 20. "

    With these numbers we're lucky to be at 4-5, most teams would be 0-9.
  3. The real 12th man will have to come in?

    A&M is all talk. TCU is about to have try outs.
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  4. Still no reason to look totally uninspired and unprepared against an awful Kansas team that everyone else in the league is completely dominating. I'd just prefer he back off the injury talk, it serves no purpose other than to try and get some sympathy, and I can assure nobody besides TCU fans gives one crap about our injury situation.
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  5. So what should he do when someone asks a question about it?
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  6. Put me in coach. I'm deceptively fat, slow and old. They will never see me coming.
  7. Then add the players no longer in the program....
  8. "Yes, some guys are out but the other kids need to get ready to go, that's football, it's a physical game. That's why you have 85."

    Sounds a heck of a lot better than "I'm not sure I've ever been down 7 safeties before", which I doubt is really even true unless you're counting some walk-ons or CBs/LBs that could play safety. As another poster put it before, almost every press conference he gives has a bit of woe mixed in, like he wants us to make sure he's doing as well as possibly could be expected.
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  9. Trying too hard to be bothered by something IMO. He’s been saying “next man up” for 20 years.
  10. I was decent water polo player at one time. If we have to play in a monsoon, don't count me out. I'm old, crafty, and without a lot to lose. Even more importantly, I no longer look good in a speedo. Should scare the bejesus out of our oponent.
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  11. We still have your footage from before the match years ago...
  12. What’s the real injury count? Thought I saw it posted somewhere here recently at 12, roughly 6 on each side of the ball if you count dismissed players.
  13. You're fat, slow and old but don't look that way? Not a bad combo. It's obvious I'm fat slow and old.
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  14. QB (Robinson)
    OG (Iwuagwu)
    WR (Turpin)

    DT (Blacklock)
    LB (Summers)
    S (Small)
    S (Gaines)

    Gladney and Ridwan are both playing injured. And believe we have a number of 2nd string safeties hurt. Lewis is also banged up.

    Basically on defense the only guys fully healthy are Banogu, Collier, Bethley and Wallow. Everyone else is either out or playing limited.
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    Me too coach. I could run the Wild Cat but we'd need to rename it something like the Fat Cat or Honky Cat. We could put in the Tebow jump pass and use a tight end as a receiver. Total surprise!
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  16. Nobody besides TCU fans gives one crap about 95% of the things said during those press conferences. If you want him to only say things that will be pertinent to the entire country then it's going to be a very short press conference each week.
  17. Exactly. My former large frame, which was large with muscle, has been replaced with a large frame that is completely void of muscle, and my stylish clothes, which make me appear younger (the wife buys the clothes) completely conceal the reality of that transformation.
  18. Unfortunately being banged up doesn't account for stupid (cutsie) play calling.

    Or just general lack of heart.
  19. Anyone know if there is a chance the seniors could get medical red shirts?
  20. My son’s done with his football season. He scored a 20 yard TD last night and he’s taller than Turpin. GP can give us a call if he needs help this weekend.

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