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DMN: TCU quarterback outlook for 2020: Is it Max Duggan or bust for the Frogs?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Feb 20, 2020.

  1. TCU quarterback outlook for 2020: Is it Max Duggan or bust for the Frogs?
    A true sophomore leads an inexperienced quarterback room for TCU.

    By Grant McGalliard

    The TCU quarterback room looked awfully small by the end of last year. Between transfers, graduations and one elected departure from the team, the Frogs haven’t exactly added to that bunch for 2020. True freshman Max Duggan won the job last year. Is there anyone left on the roster that can challenge him?

    Here’s TCU’s quarterback outlook for 2020.

    Key returners: Max Duggan (sophomore, 6-2, 190 pounds); Matthew Downing (sophomore, 6-0, 195 pounds); Matthew Baldwin (sophomore, 6-3, 215 pounds).

    Read more at https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/t...-2020-is-it-max-duggan-or-bust-for-the-frogs/
  2. Hasn't that guy Bust used up all of his eligibility at TCU
  3. Seems to me that "quarterback rooms" came into being at about the same time as the transfer portal. Does the quarterback room have an entryway into the portal?
  4. Nah. The portal entrance is in the bathroom. Very close to the Toilet Monster- make sure you choose right!
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  5. This is a big year for him. Hope he takes the bull by the horns and has a great year.
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  6. When was the last time the Gary Patterson benched the experience guy for anyone else? I am not counting last year because nobody had experience in the TCU team, it just doesn’t seem like Paterson style. He goes with experience more than anything else. Barring injury, it’s pretty clearly Duggan or bust.
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  7. Yes, they do. They have a FastPass entrance to the portal.
  8. usually the experienced guy is good....
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  9. Duggan is an amazing talent, hoping for him to continue to progress with no sophomore slump. I still believe when it’s all said and done, this guy pushes AD as the best ever to play the position at TCU. We need to focus on building the supporting cast.
  10. I heard bust was out for Spring Ball too.
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  11. We've only had good QB play 1 out of the last 4 years...We've only had good season 1 out of the last 4 years...Pretty clear where we need to get better to have a good season. Yes all the other positions OL, WR are going to matter..But if we know anything, its that you can run NFL caliber talent on the field with a struggling QB and your still going to lose. No better proof of that than in 2019
  12. A key element is the development of a competent OL. One that can provide sufficient time for designed offensive plays

    to be effectively implemented. At times last season, the OL was so porous that our opponents were able to penetrate our

    backfield before the offensive plays could properly evolve.
  13. Plenty of hot routes and roll outs exist to help with this. Our issues lay with Duggan and the OC.
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  14. Not bagging on anybody. I am a huge Max fan.
    But that photo looks like it could be a moment of Sonny telling him, "quit trying to take people's heads off with the ball".

    I think Max will be fine now that the game will have slowed down for him. I am not against the fast ball either. I think this kid has the potential to throw the ball like an nfl big timer.
  15. We could have all kinds of fun with a "Caption this!" contest, eh?

    How about: "Look, those big guys are going to block for you and give you time..."

    Or: "He'll catch the ball this time. I promise."
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  16. This is the point where I thank you for giving me an idea for the tears thread...
  17. Sometimes, we laugh to keep from crying...
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  18. That photo by in large sums up Max’s play really well. He looked like he was overthinking and not quite sure what he was seeing and pumping full of adrenaline
  19. Never understood this. No middle screens, QB draws, or quick out to the RB, etc. With Carter rolling out blocking for Max on a roll out passing scheme, seems like it would be hard to defend with Max's running ability. Does the corner come up to stop him or stay back and cover? That split indecision by the corner and Max can go right by him.
  20. Dude.

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