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DMN: Patterson says TCU players needs to bring their own energy with limited stadium capacity

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Oct 13, 2020.

  1. DMN: Patterson says TCU players needs to bring their own energy with limited stadium capacity

    By Katherine Griffith

    The Horned Frogs were unable to get it done Saturday, losing 21-14 to Kansas State. TCU fell to 1-2, both losses decided by a single score.

    With a bye week ahead of the Frogs, here are three takeaways from head coach Gary Patterson’s appearance during this week’s Big 12 teleconference:

    Defense dictates plays
    Sophomore quarterback Max Duggan took lots of hits against the Wildcats. Patterson said it isn’t that TCU wants him to keep the ball or give it away, but that the defense dictates what happens during the play.

    Read more at https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/t...its-own-energy-with-limited-stadium-capacity/
  2. I don’t doubt for a second that our coaching tells QBs to let the defense tell you what to do. And I think that’s a problem. That turns your offense into a defensive posture. Let’s the D be determinative of what you do and it knows what you do best and worst.

    Why not have our offense dictate what the D must do? I remember listening to a lecture by Bill Cowher when this topic came up. He said that if you don’t feel that your players are better than their players then you’ve got the wrong players or the wrong coaching mindset.
  3. Initiative is important. What I would wager is that Max is not allowed to change plays at the line, even if the play is a deader with the formation of the defense. If this is the case, then it needs fixing. Pronto.

    One of the advantages of running the Air Raid is unpredictability. By this, I mean you have a lot of things you can do with base sets. This becomes especially true when you don't substitute, and instead run a drive with a single set of players. This keeps the defense on the field, allows you to take advantage of mismatches, and also allows you to dictate tempo. By substituting multiple players on every down, we throw away these advantages, lose the ability to dictate tempo, and give the defense a good idea of what we're planning based on the personnel package run onto the field.

    We are running a Ferrari in first gear. With the parking brake on.
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  4. Dead on Brew! Very predictable all the time.
  5. Seems like it would be pretty easy for the defense to just show certain looks pre-snap in order to dictate where the ball goes, and then jump the play once the ball is snapped.
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    don't buy the theory that the air raid is as unpredictable as believed or when it first was introduced and we have seen teams have success defending the air raid by physically controlling the line of scrimmage, challenging the outside receivers, and tackling well in the secondary

    perfect example is what happened to leach after chris peterson was hired at uw. leach went 0-6 against washington, his offense never scored more than 17 points, and averaged just over 13.5 points a game.

    washington's defensive dominance of the pirate got so bad that jimmy lake would call him out the week before the game and it didn't matter. even the 2018 wazzu team with minshew at quarterback that averaged over 37 a game scored 15 against uw and they struggled in their win over cal.

    never been a huge fan of offenses whose base philosophy is tempo and reacting to defense
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  7. Patterson wasn't so bad at dissecting it, either. That 12-3 game still stands out, and the Great White Hit was a nice cherry on top!

    My point above is woven into the larger tapestry of "Our Coaches Don't Know What The Hell They're Doing" in the little section above "Here be Dragons." We are running an offense that allows certain things, and not taking advantage of those things. That's dumb. Further, we have shown the ability with personnel available to "Run The Damned Ball" (Section of Tapestry left of the "Isles of Langerhans"), a mode of attack that our Coaches find distasteful for some odd reason, given it's effectiveness.

    One would think that playing to the strengths of personnel, and scheming to the strengths of the overall Offense would be a sound way to proceed (Section of the Tapestry South of "Here Be Dragons" and noted as "Unexplored").
  8. On an option play the reaction of the Defense clearly determines , if the QB reads correctly, whether to hand off or pitch to RB. This is what Patterson was referencing in his comment
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  9. This is 100 % true. I do wonder as defensive coordinators are well aware that a lot of teams are lining up and simply counting numbers in the box to determine if they will run or pass, are they able to disguise their defense and make it look like less in the box only to blitz or cheat up as the ball is snapped?
  10. And if I'm a Defensive Coordinator and I know this to be true from studying tape, that the QB is going to do "X" if he reads this and "Y" if he reads that, then man, there are a lot of things I can do to take advantage of that.
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  11. Apparently the K state coaches complained the students were too loud.
  12. uh ... yeah, they'll dictate it all day long with this offense and line.
  13. "He said ultimately the team needs to find a way to win ballgames.

    “We need one more point on offense and one less point on defense,” Patterson said.

    This can be done through finishing in the fourth quarter. Patterson said since both of the team’s losses were decided by one score, its record would look different if the Frogs were able to stop one more big play.

    “Two weeks ago we finished and this week we didn’t,” Patterson said."

    It could also be done by running an offense that makes sense in the second and third quarter. And here's an idea, why not try and win by way more than 1? This barely hanging on to win games has not gone the direction of hanging on to keep it close.
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  14. It gets very predicatible when the options are taken away. And that is going to keep happening when the o-line cant give the qb enough time. Plays just don't have any time to develop.
  15. Some of Patterson's comments just ring of "it is what it is" type of response.
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  16. Love “Coach P” but doesn’t anyone else get the feeling his heart isn’t bleeding purple any longer?
    Maybe the Dylan Jordan saga took a toll on him. Can’t say I’d blame him. Used to be a Coach was hired to Coach football. Today he has to wear multiple hats and most recently be an expert in political correctness. All this “stuff” may have taken the wind out of his sails AND he may not even realize it!
  17. I mean.....not really. The Iowa State game was a 9 point loss in all reality, we just scored a TD on the final play of the game when we were down 2 scores and it didn't really matter. Looks better on the box-score, sure, but it's not like we had a chance to win the game at the end (unlike the K-State loss).
  18. The frogs have had close losses for 2+ years now. It's status quo.
  19. I would also add the episode last season where GP was taken to the woodshed for yelling at a player on the sidelines as another factor that' taken the wind out of his sails.

    The GP I've watched on the sidelines this year isn't the same GP of old.
  20. Coach P said Max checked to the qb draw that put us ahead late at Texas. So he's allowed to change plays at the LOS.

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