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DMN: Patterson says TCU players needs to bring their own energy with limited stadium capacity

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Oct 13, 2020.

  1. Good.

    I couldn't imagine a scenario where a QB would not be allowed to check to another play, but, this is where we are.
  2. Lose by 5?
  3. Feel like he should only run if it's a check or other improvisation considering our RBs and him taking a beating enough already.
  4. Hate the thought that he could go out like this. He needs to get this turned around. If the season is a big mess, then fire an OC or line coach now and send the statement that he is still about winning. A third full year of bad play could bring some serious heat.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Generally speaking, the overall responsibility of a head coach is to coordinate all facets of a team.

    Relying on a select
    group of position coaches, offensive and defensive coordinators to focus on

    specific areas of expertise. Thus by delegating this authority, a head coach is allowed an opportunity

    to evaluate, focus on, a team's overall progress and performance. Does Gary's role a coordinator detract

    from his role as a head coach or is it totally immaterial?

  7. Not even remotely worth it as I type this.
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  8. Hell no it's not immaterial, that's why we have Kill, he's admitting he cannot be a truly HC. He said the team has to bring their own energy with the slack covid19 crowd and that's the primary reason we didn't play well. Well, KSU was a road team and they brought their own energy........how did that happen?
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  9. "We are running a Ferrari in first gear. With the parking brake on."

    Classic but true.
  10. more like a dodge charger than a ferrari
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  11. daewoo lanos

    Someone needs to make a craigslist add for our OC’s and line coaches.

    “Used, missing most integral parts, unable to run, has a mind of it’s own, has consistent physical damage from collisions, has many pieces that have been JB welded together from other parts to make due, and some pieces do not work together. Needs TLC.”
  12. [​IMG]

    flashy and will get your attention, but is it worth the money that has been spent on it?
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  13. Also, "This is Fine."
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  14. Wow. So, the dude couldn't find a used Pacer?
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  15. I truly feel the era is ending....
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  16. Personally, I prefer to beat the holy snot out of every opponent. "Just win by one" can become a handy excuse for half-azzed performance.
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  17. I’m thinking when the rescheduled SMU game does happen SMU favored by 30.
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  18. Think of all the years UT had a top 3 paid coach to sit at home and watch bowl season.
  19. Are you watching the smu Tulane game?
  20. At times I've been able to call the plays before they happen. If I can I am sure the other team can too. Often wondered if our offense self scouts.

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